Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Talk about it Tuesday

I swear I am going to get back into the swing of things with this blogging thing again!! Lots of things have been going on lately in the Lambert household! School started back up for the spring semester last week and thankfully we get a 3 day weekend this coming weekend! #AMEN  Students always come back very chatty and unfocused from the Christmas break.. and add on that I am teaching 7th graders this year.. yeah I know I'm crazy! Also, starting next week my grad school classes start up again! Taking 3 classes this semester! I am hoping to be done this December! All while this is going on, we are undergoing infertility tests AND trying to adopt a baby or babies! Oh and I forgot, we are ALMOST done finishing the house! 

I know, I'm crazy. Lots on our plate for sure but we Lambert's wouldn't have it any other way! Im planning on uploading tons of before and after photos of the house once we get more furniture set up and it looking super pretty! Buying a foreclosed home is a ton of work but definitely worth the price cut for the home we got! 

We have also submitted a few applications to different adoption agencies lately and I have to fill out two more as well! Prayers would be greatly appreciated right now as we are trying to get everything together for the case that we do get chosen- both financially and with our home!

Wedding Wednesday is tomorrow and I definitely plan on showing some of our wedding photos! 


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