Saturday, November 30, 2013

Most thankful for...

Since it's the holidays and everyone always posts what they are most thankful for, it has made me really think about some things that I've noticed. I've seen people say they are thankful for their pets and family and spouses and children.. but there is one thing that really confuses me. 

Growing up in a Christian home, I have always been taught that after you get married and have kids, the most important things in life should first be your relationship with God, secondly your relationship with your husband or wife and the lastly, your relationship with your kids. Without a solid relationship with God, your relationship with your husband/wife will be rocky, and with a rocky marriage, your kids will pick up on it and that is not a good example for them to see. But what irritates me is that I continue to see women obsessed with their kids... It makes me wonder--what about your husband?? Before those kids came along you used to seem so in love with him, but when you have kids, all you do is post pictures about how so in love with your kids you are. I know, most people reading this are probably thinking, Wait, you don't have kids how would you even know what it's like? You're right, I don't have kids, but I couldn't imagine ever loving my child more than my husband, because without my husband, those kids wouldn't have been able to exist. Without my husband, my children wouldn't have a solid family, without my husband, I would be alone and have no support system. It just bugs me to see people list what they are thankful for and say "I'm thankful for my kids, family, friends and husband"... why can't you put your husband first? Maybe that is what is wrong if you are having fights in your home, or your husband seems distant. He is probably thinking why should I have to fight for attention when it should be given gladly. 

Blaze and I were talking about it in the car yesterday. I told him I just couldn't imagine ever putting our kids over us. Yes that might sound selfish but we live our lives not even putting each other first, we put God first in our every day lives and will in our marriage. Without God, we could not be whole beings. He brought us together and I will always thank him for that. We always say that when we have kids, we will love them unconditionally, but we will always put us, as husband and wife, first. Our jobs as parents, is to help them grow and guide them in the right directions. To teach them and help them grow into their own person so that they can someday move away from home and start their own lives just like we all did with our parents. After they leave, what do you have left? Your husband. Now think, if you focus all of your attention and love into your kids, who end up leaving after 18 years, how will it be to be alone again with your husband (if you are still married)? Probably not very good. I told him that growing up, I always felt that my dad put his relationship with my step mom over us kids. I'm not saying that he didn't care for us or anything--he gave us everything and loved us so much. I just always wondered why he did put more effort and attention on his marriage, and that it never made sense until I got older. He was just doing what he was supposed to. Putting God first, then his marriage and then us kids. 


I know everyone lives their life different, but just think about it when you think about what you are truly thankful for. Try and put your husband first for a change if you normally don't. 

Hope yall had a great thankgiving! Have a great weekend! 


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes

Since Thanksgiving is only two days away.. I have been thinking about all of my favorite dishes that I look forward to every year! I love that my family usually has the same dishes every year.. sometimes there are new dishes that someone gets brave to try and make!! I'm not very brave when it comes to trying new food/dishes though. I usually stick with what I like and don't branch out!! I know, weird!! 

So of course the main thing that I love about Thanksgiving is the TURKEY!! I only eat the white meat of turkey--I think it's the best! I like the traditional turkey recipe!

Then there is the Corn Casserole. I love cheesy corn casserole!! I have even tried a recipe with chopped jalapenos in there.. so so good!

Everyone LOVES good ol Mashed Potatoes!! I really like when there is some garlic added in there!! Gives it an extra touch of goodness!! Yum
Perfect Mashed Potatoes Recipes......

Monday, November 25, 2013

It's only Monday...

It's Thanksgiving week!! I know everyone is excited about that. I'm excited about all of the food we are going to get to eat this week! We get 3 Thanksgivings.. one Wednesday night and then 2 on Thanksgiving day! It shall be a good time!

Hopefully everyone had a great weekend. Ours was very eventful... or at least on Saturday it was. We went to the A&M/LSU game, which I am actually sad that A&M lost.. While watching the game, we didn't ever know what to say because they definitely were not playing like their normal selves. Very frustrating
The 54 Best Animated GIFs Of 2012
And it didn't help that it was freezing and rainy. Super cold, but we definitely had a good time!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Five

One// Today is a special day to me. One year ago on 11/22/12, it was thanksgiving and I met this wonderful guy who is now my fiancé!! Blaze has been such a blessing in my life and continues to be every day!! So glad I decided to meet him at his uncles bar thanksgiving night!!

Two// We are going to see Catching Fire tonight!! I am SUPER excited. I didn’t think that we would be able to get tickets, but Blaze got on last night and they were still available!! I guess Louisiana people aren’t as into Hunger Games as much as Texas people!! (I’ve heard it’s sold out back home)

Three// Tomorrow we are going up to Baton Rouge for the A&M vs. LSU football game!! I am definitely going to root for A&M just because

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A day in my life..

Sitting here on this chilly Tuesday morning, doing nothing like usual, I have lots and lots of time to think. Think about wedding stuff, shopping, Christmas, missing texas, how to get a new job, starting my own business, how I miss the cold weather, the football game this Saturday... Need I continue?? Lol most people are excited to start a new job right?? You think you're going into a new, exciting job and you'll be trained for a few weeks to a month until you are finally set free on your own. Well not this girl.. I have been working here for about 6 weeks now and guess how much I've done.. Not really anything. My typical morning includes getting to work around 8:30-8:45.. Checking my personal emails, google chats start with my mom, maybe get on Pinterest or play some candy crush.. Read some articles so I can tell myself I'm keeping up with the worldly news (just in case my dad calls and asks). I mean hey, most of y'all probably are thinking "why are you complaining?? You're getting paid on salary to do that??" Well don't think that.. Fantasizing about homes I'll never have or a wedding that would bankrupt my parents gets old after awhile!! You can only do that for so long until you take a step back and ask yourself what am I doing?? How did I end up here?? No one in life truly prepares

Sunday, November 17, 2013

So many ideas!!

Hope yall all had a great weekend!! I know that I did!! 

Friday we had a date night! We went to the best pizza place.. it took a little bit to get our food but it was definitely worth it!! Saturday was Blaze's last game of the fall, which went really well. We went to about 10-15 mins of the football game then went a did a little shopping and got dinner!! Today he had to go to New Orleans to go work a camp! But I'm so thankful for getting to spend all weekend together for once!! Blaze works so hard for our family and I am super grateful for everything that he does!! Without him, I would definitely be a train wreck lately!! He is definitely the rock that I need and I am so very very blessed that God has brought us together!! :) He treats me like a princess and goes above and beyond to make me happy! Such a sweet hubs-to-be!! :)

On another note-- 

I have also been looking for ideas of center pieces for the reception!! I have found so many cute ideas that I don't know how I am supposed to choose!! Ahhh.. too many decisions. I am excited to get started on planning over

Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Five

One// 13 days until my favorite holiday!! Food galore... we get three different Thanksgiving’s this year! My mom and stepdad do their Thanksgiving on Wednesday night, then his family is early Thanksgiving Day for lunch and then my dad and stepmom are doing theirs that night!! I think we might attempt to go Black Friday shopping (I’ve never been) but I’ve seen some good deals on things people won’t be fighting for lol

Two// I think I am obsessed with Kacey Musgraves cd… I have listened to it all week on repeat! And I have her as my Pandora station!! If you haven’t listened to her music, do it!! You’ll fall in love too!

Three// Tonight is date night! I’m excited... because it is much needed as Blaze has been super busy ever since last Friday!! I’m glad he will be getting a break soon so we can actually

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Morning Rambles

So I LOVE Christmas time... It is definitely my favorite time of year. We don’t have a Christmas tree yet and I’ve been trying to find one that won’t cost us a fortune!! I've actually found some good deals—Target has trees for $50 (if you want to string lights yourself) or if you want a pre-lit tree, they have one for $100!! So cheap... especially when you look at Hobby Lobby and their trees are at minimum $250!! As long as you have a decent looking tree, you can make it pretty with the decorations!! Don’t get me wrong, I would love to get one of those Christmas trees that are super fluffy and 9 ft. tall... but that would cost me probably around $1500!! I remember last year, my step-mom got the BEST deal on a tree. I think it was regularly priced around $800 but since the warranty had expired on the lights, they marked it down to like $200 (if that). It was awesome!! Then we spent more on decorations!! 

I found some of my favorite Christmas

Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Update

It's everyone's favorite day of the week again... I hate Monday's with a passion. I always seem to get horrible sleep Sunday nights and I think I was worried about Blaze driving home in the middle of the night from Dallas. Bad combination!

This weekend was fun, two of my best friends came down to visit. Friday, right before I was about to leave to go to the airport, I got a text from Courtney saying they were going to miss their flight because she left her ID at home.. crazy girl! They ended up getting on another flight luckily!! We went to dinner Friday night down on Bourbon Street. It was crazy because I had no idea that the cowboys/saints game was this weekend. 

Saturday we woke up and lounged around. I took them to the one donut store in town (which is awesome). I'm pretty sure they enjoyed that lol Thibodaux was having a little fair type thing downtown that we decided to go and walk around. It was fun.. I haven't made it to any boutiques in

Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Five

one// Blaze will be gone this weekend.. he hasn't left for a whole weekend in awhile. I will definitely miss him but I know he's going to make money this weekend so it's alright!! See you Sunday love!!

two// The weather here in southern Louisiana is definitely unpredictable!! Two days ago, it was 83 degrees, humid & rainy.. typical day down here. Yesterday it was chilly all day and then today, I went outside this morning and it was super cold! I love the cold but I hate the weather bouncing around like this. It is only a matter of time before I get a sinus infection!

three// We have only 18 more days until Thanksgiving break!! I love the holidays. This year will be super special because I wont have seen my family in over 3 months. Even though it will be super busy for us that

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday

It’s that time again... My favorite day. HUMP DAAAYYY!

I love Wednesdays only because it marks that I've made it half way through the week. Only two more days left until the weekend! Thursdays usually go by pretty quick and Fridays go back really quick just because we get off at 3. Who knew getting off just two hours early could make me so happy?

So Blaze is leaving me this weekend to go back to Dallas (which I am super jealous) BUT I am still excited because Courtney and Lauren will be here! I think the timing of their arrival is perfect just because of some of the struggles that I am going through being away from friends and family. So we will get the ultimate girls weekend! I see some wedding planning going on… what what!

Then just two short weeks later, we are going to the A&M vs LSU football game up in Baton Rouge! And
then we will be ...

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weekend Update

So this weekend went by WAY too fast once again.. but it's okay because it was a good one!

Friday night Blaze had to work late so I went to the store, got me a new bottle of wine and some dinner! I had a night to myself at the house with the dogs and chloe! He got home and I had already passed out... last week wore me out at work!!   Saturday we went north of Baton Rouge for a baseball camp that he had to work! I've never been through Baton Rouge so it was neat finally seeing it! I attempted to go shopping but typical me, I didn't like anything that I tried on.. Fail on my part. We gained an extra hour last night but that didn't stop us from the dogs waking us up at 6:45!! We got alot of cleaning done and then I went to watch their scrimmage. Who knew that you could get sunburned in NOVEMBER!!??? Well this girl definitely got some sun.

I am super excited about the next few weeks. My two best friends, Lauren and Courtney, are flying

Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Five

one// I found out last friday, when it was 4:50, that on Friday's we get to leave at 3.. wish someone would have told me that sooner so I could have left at 3 instead of 5!! But no worries.. i WILL be leaving work today at 3!! 

two// ONE MORE WEEK untill my two bestest friends are in Louisiana!! I can't wait! Super excited to see them.. it's been forever it feels like!! Blaze will be gone next weekend so it will just be us 3!! Going to New Orleans is definitely on the schedule.. and I'm sure a little wedding planning! :)

three// Tomorrow I get to go with Blaze to some workout all day.. Haven't been to one of those in awhile it