Friday, September 27, 2013

Happy Friday

one // Blaze is out of town all weekend so I am hoping to do crafty things around the house this weekend until he gets home!!

two // I have been looking up different ideas for honeymoon trips and I have a lot of neat ideas. I can't narrow it down to just a couple places yet because they all seems so fun! I am really interested in going to Europe because people keep telling me you are only young with no kids for so long!! :)

three // I have a guilty pleasure that my family has given me crap for my whole life, and that is that I love to watch Jerry Springer.. I'm not too sure why. I think it is so funny and I'm sure that it is all staged but it is so funny!! The one this morning that I am watching is called.. "Im gay but please have my baby".. this stuff is just too good to NOT watch hahah 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wednesday Update

Sooo.. my man left me for the remainder of the week!! Super sad about that. He had to go on the longest recruiting trip of the year.. and I am left at the house with the dogs and cat for the week! Hopefully I wont go too stir crazy in this house alone and I can be productive. Hopefully I can get ahold of the other coaches wives this weekend and get together with them if they arent busy!! Us gals have to stick together!!

Thinking about what to cook this week is difficult though because it is never easy to cook for one person, especially a person who doesn't like left overs!! I guess I will have to figure it out and maybe go get me a couple of new bottles of wine to try out!! Rent some girly or scary movies since I cant get Blaze to watch them with me... EVER! hahah. I am really going to miss him this week!! I get so spoiled seeing him almost everyday!!

I've been looking at different bridesmaid dress ideas and have come up with a couple that I really really like!! Since it is an August wedding, the color scheme has changed from what I wanted to do (since those work in the winter time) Here are a couple of pictures of the ideas I am really leaning towards..

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weekend Update

So I lucked out this weekend because instead of being home alone all weekend, Blaze luckily (for me) was home!! All of his recruiting trips got cancelled due to the rain!! Friday night we had a mini date night and went to dinner and got a redbox! 

I thought he was going to be gone Saturday but his trip got cancelled, so instead we went and worked out together and came home and lounged around for awhile. I ended up meeting up with the other coaches wives and went to the game while he went to the game with the coaches! It was fun because about 15 min into the game it started raining. Us ladies chickened out and went back to one of their houses, drank some wine, and played a crazy game of catch phrase... it got intense! After the game was over, the girls decided to give me a mini bachelorette party with Blaze and the guys in attendance! It was actually really fun. We went to a bar that ended up being kind of dead and then made our way to a karaoke bar! SUPER fun!! 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Happy Friday

No big plans this weekend except hanging out the house watching college football. Blaze was supposed to be in Texas this weekend recruiting but since it is apparently pouring rain there, it got cancelled and he will luckily be home tonight!! yay for that (for me at least :) ) 

So I updated my phone, along with the rest of the world, to ios7 and i love it! It is so different and kind of confusing but i like the layout and new features! Kind of neat!! Itunes radio is also pretty cool, I like it better than pandora right now! Gotta love Apple!! 

I dont think I mentioned that we got a new member of the family last weekend, she doesnt have a name yet, we keep just calling her 'cat' but she is CRAZY! Blaze thinks she is nuts, which is a pretty accurate statement to say the least, but she is super cute so that makes up for it right?? She follows me everywhere and then randomly disappears and I cant figure out where she goes haha

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

More Wedding Planning

This past weekend was a lonely one for me since my fiance had to go out of town for recruiting! So I took the opportunity to clean up around the house and then decided to do some wedding planning. I am trying to hold off on wedding planning since we still have about 10 months left until the big day... but it gets hard to look at stuff online! Since we are doing an August wedding, I have decided on my colors, light pink with navy blue and white! I have found the perfect bridesmaid dress that I am determined to find! It is a long chiffon light pink dress with a sweatheart neckline! So pretty! I have seen other pictures that make me think about doing the same dress but all pastel colors instead of them all having the same dress and color but we shall see what I end up choosing! I also already bought my wedding dress, which I think I was extremely lucky to have found the very first day (and only day) that I went to try on dresses! It is SO pretty and I cant wait to have my fitting, hopefully over Thanksgiving it will come in! I am super excited to show all my gal pals! 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday

So this week has been a long one.. I definitely have been thinking God is testing me sometimes to see how strong I am. Luckily enough I have my wonderful fiance here to help me get through this week! (And a great bottle of wine). I dont know about yall but i LOVE me some wine.. i just wanted to share some of my favorites

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wedding Planning Wednesday

So as you all know, I am getting to marry the love of my life next year, August 2, 2014. I have been trying to hold off on planning because it is so far out and because of the move I have had a million other things to do... BUT I decided to order a bunch of free wedding invitations!! I noticed online the other day that you can get a ton of samples from different websites without paying a penny!! So guess what I did! Yep, ordered as many free samples as possible! Well they have all started coming in the mail the past couple days so I figured I would look at them to try and get an idea of what I want my invitations to look like!!

These are just a few of the different samples I could fit into the picture!! I tried to show Blaze some of them to get his opinion last night, and of course he didn't care haha... typical guy! 

On a better note, one of my BEST friends has booked her flight to come see me in November!! I am so excited... we can really start some wedding planning!! 

Thanks for listening!


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Settling in

So two Fridays ago, Blaze and I packed up our whole lives and moved to southern Louisiana, Thibodaux, for his new job! Things have been crazy ever since we moved.. go go go with little time to just relax. Well luckily Labor Day weekend was this past weekend! We had a football day all day Saturday. The other baseball coaches came over and we watched college football and ate... all day! SO fun! My parents came in town all the way from Midlothian (8 hour drive). Sunday we went to do a swamp tour at Zam's Swamp Tour in Kraemer, LA. It was the best southern fried food we have eaten so far!

 We still arent used to this whole Louisiana accent yet but it is fun to listen to! We just hope that when we come back to Texas for holidays, that we don't sound like that ;)

I saw the cutest sign in the shop after the swamp tour..