Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Welcome Back!!

Its been OVER SIX MONTHS since I have posted last. I am finally bringing it back!! Woohoo!

A TON has changed over the past six months as well, it's crazy!

For starters, I'M PREGNANT! (Shocker for those who don't know) 
I will be 23 weeks this Friday and couldn't be more excited. 

Blaze and I were in the middle of our adoption and found out in May! So now our adoption had to be put on hold for a year (per the adoption agency's requirement). We are so excited that God has given us this gift! Little baby Lake is due January 22! 

”It's funny because I have those friends who said 'omg I just LOVE being pregnant, I'm sure you will too'.... HA! While I am extremely blessed to be pregnant, I could never imagine saying that I love, much less enjoy being pregnant. You moms out there know what I'm talking about! It might be because I started out so tiny and can just feel every stretch and pull of my muscles, but good grief! At least I read a ton to prepare myself of what to expect! I feel for those girls who go into pregnancy thinking it will be great and pleasant... my tip is BE PREPARED! HA! Especially for hormones! Even Blaze wonders who I am some days.. it is kind of funny.

Another change is that I am back teaching high school again! Thank goodness because middle school is a beat down! I praise those women who A) actually like it & B) who have taught it for 10+ years. It's true when they say it's harder to go down in age & easier to go up in age for sure.