Friday, January 24, 2014


One// Today is definitely the coldest that it has been since we moved to Louisiana!! Right now, my computer says it is 34 degrees and rainy!! Let me just say, when it is 34 degrees down here in southern Louisiana, it is A LOT colder than 34 degrees in DFW… I say this because of the humidity. It’s so humid here so it makes it even colder… then you add in rain and BAM! Ice cold!! (Supposedly it’s supposed to sleet/snow here in a few hours… WHAT??)

Two// Blaze was supposed to have a game tonight that started at 4pm so he wasn’t supposed to get home until later tonight. WELL… he just called and said that they cancelled it so he will be home before me YAY!! (You ladies out there that are dating and/or married to coaches totally understand how exciting that can be!!)

Three// I am hoping this weekend is a laid back, lazy weekend. Blaze and the guys have a camp tomorrow that they have to work, so he will be gone most of the day. My goal is to sit on the couch, watch movies & cuddle up!! Maybe work on some sewing projects that I have up my sleeve!! And maybe try & finalize the save-the-dates!

Four// I am super ready for summer—not sure how many of yall are but I sure am!! I just keep thinking about the bachelorette party that my WONDERFUL MOH is planning!! We have had a couple phone calls about it this week. Let’s just say that July can’t get here fast enough!! Then there is the secret honeymoon destination!! Even though I don’t know where we are going, I know it’s a beach of some sort… so I’m still excited!!

Five// I was thinking last night when Blaze was gone until 11pm how strong us coach’s significant others are. If you think about it, we are very independent women considering the guys are constantly working crazy hours and then when season starts they are constantly on the road (especially for baseball). Being a coach’s wife/fiancĂ©/gf you have to be okay with being alone a lot… aka have lots of hobbies or extra-curriculars!! Unfortunately I don’t have many friends out here still (because everyone is kind of old) but I DO have a full time job, grad school, a wedding to plan, and my animals!! Just thought I would say how proud I am of my fellow coach’s wives/gfs!! J

Have a great weekend guys!!



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