Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It's Almost Hump Day

Well it's week number 3 here at work.. I don't really have much to do yet (which kind of gets boring) but hey.. I guess I can't complain too much.. I have a job and I am getting paid!
Lately we have been battling certain thoughts and decisions in our life and of course, the way the Big Man upstairs works, he gave me a bible study that was exactly about that.
The verse said.
"I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye"
-Psalm 32:8
Underneath the given verse, there is always a small story given-- the famous baseball player Yogi Berra once said that his favorite quote is "when you come to the fork in the road, take it." He said

Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Five

One// I am finishing my second week of work today! It's getting better day by day!  Slowly getting the hang of things so that is good. This week went by a lot faster than last week. 

Two// I am trying to find pretty invitations for the wedding that aren't $1000 lol. I think it's crazy what people will spend on paper. When I hear that people spend so much because it "sets the tone for your wedding".. I think it's a crock!! People who know me know that I don't care about the little details.. It's all about the big picture-- THE RECEPTION (and the dress)!! 

Three// I know that every family has issues and seems distinctional in their own way.. I just really wish mine would get their crap together. I am really looking forward to going home for the holidays now that I don't see them all the time. But then I remember.. 'Oh yea.. My family can't be around each other without drama' .. Brother doesn't talk to mom.. Brother doesn't talk to brother.. Crazy ass sister in law... May I continue?? Thank God for Blaze's family!! Love them to death! 

Four// Blaze recently told me what he's getting me for Christmas.. A hunting now!! I'm excited about it and that he told me.. I hate surprises! (A lot) I have to get sized before we get it so that's the ONLY reason he told me.. So don't get mad that I know!! 

Five// I've been following this couple that graduate from Texas Tech recently.. They have a young, beautiful baby girl who has a failing heart and needed to get a heart transplant. They found out this morning that her blood won't accept a donor heart and can no longer be on the transplant list. This story has been so heartbreaking to follow just because I can not begin to even image how they feel or what they are going through thinking everyday could be their last with their baby girl. Her name is London and she needs probably the biggest miracle to happen in her life. So as you all go on with your weekend, whether it's being with your own family.. Partying.. Going to the football game.. Whatever it may be, just keep them in your prayers as they really need it right now. And just remember to be extra thankful for your loved ones who are strong and healthy.. I feel like sometimes we take all of that for granted and don't realize how easy we have it. Just a thought. 

Have a great weekend!! It's almost Halloween!! 

Lovely Lambert

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Two for Tuesday

I can finally sit down and relax tonight! We just got back from the gym.. yes we work out together! If it wasn't for Blaze, I wouldn't ever lift weights.. but I have become friends with weights in the past few months thanks to him.. I even started taking protein shakes. I know.. shocker right?

Anywho.. my mom, stepmom and I have been talking wedding planning lately (we are finally getting closer to planning mode). I have been going back and forth of what theme I want to go with for the wedding.. dressy or more casual... classy or rustic.. ahh questions. Blaze thought about wearing starched jeans and cowboy boots with a blazer so I was thinking.. Great I could have my girls wear a cute lace dress and that would be super cute. Well now I think he is wanting to go with grey suits and suspenders! (dork) So I think I can get my dresses narrowed down from one of the last posts where I had all kinds of dresses to choose from. So I will try and narrow that down and post some pictures of my favorites later! I also have been trying to find the right centerpieces..who would've known this much effort goes into planning a wedding.. so many details! I LOVE the rustic look for centerpieces but at the same time I love the candles and more romantic look. I have some pictures of my favorite examples that I have seen lately online.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Weekend Update

Well I was going to write a post on Friday but when I got home from work, I found out our internet isn't working and won't be fixed until Thursday!!! So apologies on that!!

So last week was my first week of work! It went well, everyone is so nice, and getting to wear jeans and be comfortable isn't a bad perk either!! Hopefully next week it picks up though because it was kinda slow since I'm still getting used to things! 

Friday night we went on a little date night which was nice! Blaze has been super busy this past week so we haven't seen each other as much as usual.. Life of a coach I guess they say! 

Saturday it decided to rain (what's new) so his day of practice got cancelled and we got to spend all day together again! Blaze has a slight obsession with froyo so we went and got some for lunch!! His head coach had us over to watch some of the Nicholls State game and then we went to Cabellas yesterday evening! 

Blaze told me the other day that he was going to get me a hunting bow for Christmas because I've been talking about it for months!! So we looked at those last night. Makes me super excited to get into that for our next journey in life!! 

Today I got woken up from roofer next door hammering and blaring music at 9AM!!! I was not a happy camper!! My one day to try and sleep in.. But on a better note, I went to let the dogs out and it feels absolutely amazing outside!! Blaze's baseball team is playing a game between themselves today so I'm planning on going to watch that and then clean and go grocery shopping!! 

Hope all of y'all had a great weekend!! 

Lovely Lambert

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tuesday Update

So I started my new job today.. it was a slow day as I was trying to get the hang of the office and how everything happens. Very overwhelming with lots of information given to me at once.. I definitely needed to sit down when I got home, which is where I am now writing this! The people are all very nice and helpful!! The office was FREEZING cold though.. definitely going to need a jacket tomorrow!! 

So I was thinking today about actually pursuing my PhD in math and while I had some down time at work, I decided to look into it at LSU. I saw that they had have a great program and decided to email the department about whether you needed a masters first or if you could just go straight for your PhD. Well they emailed me back very quickly excited that I was interested and gave me a ton of information. They said most people go into the PhD program with their bachelors and get their masters along the way.. they also showed me that being enrolled in the PhD program, that one can do school full time, while getting a salary AND being exempt from tuition. This all just sounds too good to be true or it's

Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy Friday

It's that time again.. FRIDAY! 

ONE// Today is my little brothers birthday and he turns 14 today!! I still cant believe it.. I always look at him and remember that cute little, chubby, cute 4 year old! Where has time gone?? He amazes me everyday of the young man he is turning into! He made straight A's his first six week of 8th grade in almost all honors classes!! I definitely hope he keeps on this path that he is on! The other day he told me he took a purity pledge to wait until he is married to have sex.. and he even wanted the purity ring! Then he tells me about how he wants to go on a mission trip to Haiti! How awesome is that?? Most 14 year old boys have their minds elsewhere while he is focused on school, football and church! I love it!

TWO// Blaze is being sneaky lately telling me he is going to get me a gift for getting a job! (which I start this next Tuesday) But he won't tell me what it is.. all I know is that it is from Bed Bath & Beyond.. hmmm sneaky boy is up to no good! :) haha

THREE// I have really come to miss dishwashers.. the rent house we are in for the next 10 months has NO dishwasher. Let me tell you, washing every dish by hand gets so old so quick! I can't wait until we can buy our own house next summer so I can make sure there is a dang dishwasher!! So all of you ladies who have dishwashers (which is probably all of  you).. BE THANKFUL! haha

FOUR// I've been trying to grow my hair out for our wedding next August. it's been a struggle but I think it is finally growing! I've been taking biotin everyday and trying to not blow-dry and straighten my hair. Down here it is easy to not do your hair because of the humidity.. but I think biotin actually works! A friend told me she takes biotin and prenatal vitamins, which a lot of my sorority sisters said they took those back in college to make their hair grow too but I was always skeptical to take those.. well I caved because I am that desperate and I think it is actually working!! My hair has been growing quicker.. so hopefully by August it will be super long again! 

FIVE// I secretly can't wait to do the wedding cake tasting even though I've tried them already since Blaze's sister is doing them. I LOVE cupcakes and that's what we are doing for my wedding cake.. yay! 

Hope yall all have a GREAT weekend! 


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

It's Wednesday Again.

So it's my favorite day of the week again!! I think it is secretly because of that camel/hump day commercial.

I was looking at my countdown app today and saw that there are less than 30 days until my two best friends come visit me!! I am SUPER excited.. it has been WAY too long since I have seen either of them and we have so much to catch up on!! And I just miss being crazy with those two!! I'm not sure what we are going to do yet but I know going to New Orleans is definitely on the menu! Blaze will also be gone that weekend so it will be the ultimate girls weekend! (Even though I'm secretly jealous of Blaze because he just so happens to be recruiting in Dallas that weekend!)


The second thing on my countdown app is 48 days until we go back to Texas for Thanksgiving weekend!! I am beyond excited!! Food, family, friends, football, shopping.. anything else that needs to be mentioned?? Hopefully a little wedding planning.. crossing my fingers! Thanksgiving is definitely my second favorite holiday (behind Christmas) and Blaze LOVES Thanksgiving.. so just thinking about all of the food and people we are going to visit/see that weekend is fun to look forward to! I am just excited to have our first Thanksgiving as an engaged couple with our families! It will be fun! I was telling him the other day that I need to start looking at fun recipes because we now have to bring a dish to all of the different Thanksgivings we go to. I will say that with the holidays right around the corner, I need to step up my workout game because of all the eating that is going to take place.. 


I think I am going to find some different recipes and try them out and let you guys know how it turned out within the next couple weeks! Give yall something exciting to read.. because I know everyone LOVES food! :)

Well hope yall all had a G-R-E-A-T Wednesday!! 


Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Ramblings!

So over the weekend, I was lucky enough to have my man home!! I was super excited about that! We got to spend good, quality time together, which is rare.. so I was super excited!! 

friday// After he got off work, we went up to Hooters and met two of his coach buddies. It was their 30th anniversary so we got free cake (I was excited). We usually go to Hooters if he is home to watch whatever sports game happens to be on that night! I like it because at our Hooters, it's ladies night so I always get two for one drinks!! Woohoo!

saturday// had an early morning because Blaze had to go up to work for practice and I cleaned around the house (which I am getting pretty good at by the way). After practice, we just got to hang out all day and do nothing together which was fun! We are trying to catch up on Breaking Bad because we are so far behind so we watched probably 5 episodes until he decided to fall asleep! We rented two movies, World War Z and The Great Gatsby! They were both great movies.. I will say, my anxiety was crazy while watching World War Z.. crazy movie!! 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Random Thoughts on Thursday

So since moving to Louisiana, I have learned a few things... 

1.. it rains alot.. and I mean ALOT! Living close to the gulf doesn't help but I never knew it would rain this much here. It has rained almost everyday this week! I am hoping for a nice, rain free weekend!! Crossing my fingers!

2.. It is really difficult to try and find healthy restaurants around here. Blaze and I have decided that we need a date night out at least once a week. So when we go out it's hard to try new places because everything here is fried and greasy! Don't get me wrong, the food here is amazing, like the fried shrimp, gator and all of that.. but us healthy people cant handle eating that kind of food! 


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Happy Hump Day!

So I've been slacking with writing new posts this past week!! My weekend was more exciting than I was expecting it to be. Blaze was still out of town but it was homecoming here at Nicholls State, so I went to a late tailgate with some girls I have met down here and then to the game. Afterwards we all went over to one of the baseball coach's house and hung out and ended up playing an intense game of catch phrase.. you know you're getting old when you play catch phrase on a Saturday night and have fun with it! haha Blaze got home LATE sunday night and brought me a surprise home.. NEW SHOES! :) I definitely have the best fiance!