Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Update

It's everyone's favorite day of the week again... I hate Monday's with a passion. I always seem to get horrible sleep Sunday nights and I think I was worried about Blaze driving home in the middle of the night from Dallas. Bad combination!

This weekend was fun, two of my best friends came down to visit. Friday, right before I was about to leave to go to the airport, I got a text from Courtney saying they were going to miss their flight because she left her ID at home.. crazy girl! They ended up getting on another flight luckily!! We went to dinner Friday night down on Bourbon Street. It was crazy because I had no idea that the cowboys/saints game was this weekend. 

Saturday we woke up and lounged around. I took them to the one donut store in town (which is awesome). I'm pretty sure they enjoyed that lol Thibodaux was having a little fair type thing downtown that we decided to go and walk around. It was fun.. I haven't made it to any boutiques in
town yet but we definitely went to look! Such cute little stores here. They also had tents lined up on one street of different restaurants selling food... OMG if you want real southern louisiana food, you HAVE to eat here in Thibodaux. The best cajun food you will ever have. Lauren and Courtney were most excited about the drive through daiquiri places (that are everywhere) so I took them through the drive through before we went out.

Sunday I had to take them to the airport pretty early because they wanted to make sure they didn't miss their flight haha I came home afterwards and just lounged around. I was and still am exhausted!! Blaze didn't leave Dallas until about 7ish last night and decided to take a nap in the car and then get back on the road. I didn't get much sleep last night because I was worried about him getting home safely!! 

So today at work was long because I was struggling to stay awake.. since I still don't really do much..

Hope ya'll all had a great Monday!!


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