Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Five

One// It’s finally Friday!! I feel like this week has been super long with going into work Monday and then working from home Tuesday and Wednesday AND then going back to the office Thursday and today!

Two// Blaze will be working all weekend! They are having some kind of baseball camp all day tomorrow so I will be finalizing the save the dates and HOPEFULLY getting them in the mail by Monday!! (Crossing my fingers that my AWESOME & HANDSOME fiancé will get ALL of his addresses… I know he reads my blog posts so he will see this.. LOVE YOU BLAZE) J

Three// So the huge ice store this week was supposed to hit us pretty hard, which ended up missing us and went above and below us. It was really really cold here but it was so funny because everything was closed. When I say everything, I mean EVERY Store, EVERY restaurant, business etc. It was so funny because we are from Texas where it ices usually during this time of the year, but people still drive and go to school. There was absolutely no ice and everything was shut down and we even had a 6pm parish-wide curfew.

Four// It is superbowl weekend and I really am not interested in watching the game. Everyone keeps talking about it but I love college football so much more than professional. I do want to have a superbowl party though! That would be fun!

Five// we have SIX months from Sunday until our wedding!! Woohoo. Lots to do between now and then but I am getting excited that it is getting closer to the fun activities that come with getting married!!

Have a great weekend!!
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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Outfit Ideas

So I was thinking about outfits for the bachelorette party weekend and the rehearsal dinner. I tried to put together an outfit that I think could work for both--even though Im sure I will end up finding a dress instead to make it look more dressy!

What do yall think that I should do?? Would an outfit like this work?

Bachelorette party outfit

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Love Always, Nancy J

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bridal Shower Ideas

My MOH Lauren and I have been discussing bridal shower themes the past week or so! It will be in June in Texas so the weather will be pretty warm! We talked about what kind of theme to have and I really like the idea of a tea party/kentucky derby type bridal shower! Everyone wearing maxi dresses with big, floppy hats!! What do yall think?? Sounds cute and fun right?


Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Update

This weekend was fun! I got off a little early from work Friday so that was nice!! Friday night we went out to eat with some friends and the place has $5 martinis—so you know I had one!! J Saturday was full of grocery shopping and cleaning the house!! Blaze had to work some during the evening but it was too cold for me to go watch so I stayed home! Afterwards, we had a redbox night. We rented the movie The Prisoners, OMG the ending to that movie was crazy frustrating!! It was a great movie though, the ending was frustrating to me though- Blaze liked it because he figured everything out from the beginning!! Yesterday (Sunday) was a relaxed day for the most part. We had some of Blaze’s players over for dinner because they helped us move in back in August when we moved here!!  It was fun—they have a good time!!

So for some wedding updates—we have almost everything finalized for the big day!! The only thing that isn’t for sure set in stone are the videographer (which we should be booking this week) and the decorator!! I have SO many ideas and the lady that I have been talking to is AMAZING with all of my emails and questions!! (Have I said how difficult it is planning a wedding from 8 hrs away??? Haha)

This is what I ideally would want for the décor inside!! 

What do yall think??


Friday, January 24, 2014


One// Today is definitely the coldest that it has been since we moved to Louisiana!! Right now, my computer says it is 34 degrees and rainy!! Let me just say, when it is 34 degrees down here in southern Louisiana, it is A LOT colder than 34 degrees in DFW… I say this because of the humidity. It’s so humid here so it makes it even colder… then you add in rain and BAM! Ice cold!! (Supposedly it’s supposed to sleet/snow here in a few hours… WHAT??)

Two// Blaze was supposed to have a game tonight that started at 4pm so he wasn’t supposed to get home until later tonight. WELL… he just called and said that they cancelled it so he will be home before me YAY!! (You ladies out there that are dating and/or married to coaches totally understand how exciting that can be!!)

Three// I am hoping this weekend is a laid back, lazy weekend. Blaze and the guys have a camp tomorrow that they have to work, so he will be gone most of the day. My goal is to sit on the couch, watch movies & cuddle up!! Maybe work on some sewing projects that I have up my sleeve!! And maybe try & finalize the save-the-dates!

Four// I am super ready for summer—not sure how many of yall are but I sure am!! I just keep thinking about the bachelorette party that my WONDERFUL MOH is planning!! We have had a couple phone calls about it this week. Let’s just say that July can’t get here fast enough!! Then there is the secret honeymoon destination!! Even though I don’t know where we are going, I know it’s a beach of some sort… so I’m still excited!!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thirsty Thursday

So the past couple weeks have been kind of busy (note my absence) and I haven't been on my blogging game! All of this wedding planning from 8 hours away is difficult!! This past weekend Blaze was gone so I handmade every save-the-date that we are sending out (There are a ton of them). But I'm excited because they are super cute even without pictures since we haven't taken our engagement pictures yet!!  We only have a few things left to finalize for the wedding though so that is exciting-Videography (which I think we got a guy) and then Decor/Lighting/Drapery (which I am talking to a lady about it so that's a positive). 

In other news, I officially started grad school yesterday even though I can't login to my email, class or anything haha. So hopefully it will not take me too too long to finish! I am shooting for a 1.5 years but no longer than 2 years!! Woohoo!! 

Friday, January 17, 2014

It's Friday!!

one// sorry i have been slacking on writing posts lately! This week has actually been kind of busy at work & home!! I will be better next week I promise! (my macbook charger is dead too)

two// Blaze will be out of town this weekend with the baseball team & other coaches for a team building camping trip! So I will be doing tons of work on the save the dates since I have to mail them out by Aug 2!! eekk!

three// LOTS of wedding updates have happened... we have everything booked now EXCEPT the videographer but I believe we are on the verge of booking this one guy!! I'm excited!

four// Baseball season starts up soon! And I am excited because their opening weekend, they play UH (in Houston) and Blaze kept telling me to go but I didnt have anywhere to stay UNTIL my dear long lost friend Kelli said I can come stay with her!! I'm excited because A. I haven't seen her in forever and B. it's been forever since I have been out and about in houston!! Come on February!!

five// My AWESOME maid of honor has been planning things like crazy for the bachelorette party and bridal shower! I am super excited about the bachelorette plans!! Woohoo.. come on July!! 

I hope yall all have a fun, safe weekend!!


Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend Update

It seems as though the weekends are never long enough!! I wish we could have 3 day weekends instead of two!! I hate mondays, or even fridays off would be great!! :)

This weekend was pretty eventful though. Friday night we went on our weekly date night to Pepper's Pizza.. it is so so good!! Afterwards, we went and got a few Redbox movies :) Blaze fell asleep half way through one, so it was an early night for us!!

Saturday we had to go out to New Orleans to get his Christmas present from Sams Club, a grill. He has been dying for a grill ever since we moved down here back in August!! So that was super exciting for him! Then we just ran other errands and ended up back home, watching the other movies we rented... until he decided he wanted to put this monster grill together, as it was getting dark. You know ladies, your hubs always wants your help when putting things together but then once it starts to drag on and you are just trying to help, they dont seem so excited to have asked for your help from the beginning!! (that's how it goes with us haha) He tends to get a little frustrated pretty quickly!! I always tell him I dont want to help bc he ends up getting frustrated but I always get scammed into helping anyways haha Let's just say that it took almost 5 hours to put that dang thing together!! 

Well yesterday, Sunday, we went to church and got some groceries because he was super excited to cook out on his new grill! Since we do live in southern louisiana now, mardi gras season has officially begun down here. There are king cakes everywhere, along with everything else mardi gras you can think of! Well, we decided to buy one to try... omg it was so so good!! Dangerous! If you haven't tried one, I would recommend it! 

Well I hope ya'll all had a great weekend! It is rainy here.... all day... what's new? 


Friday, January 10, 2014

Five on Friday

one// This is the first five on friday post that I have done in awhile! So I hope I can get four more good things to tell ya!! :)

two// Blaze and the coaches are taking the ENTIRE baseball team to go see Lone Survivor as we speak!! I am super duper jealous but that just means that he gets to go see it with me again on Sunday!! :) 

three// Wedding planning is finally coming along. We have the venue booked, bridesmaid dresses picked, my dress ordered, dj booked, all i have left is to finalize food and photography!! Lauren is planning the bachelorette party and bridal shower! YAY!

four// This weekend will be filled with sleeping in, running errands, unpacking clothes, cleaning the house, date night... hmmm I feel like I have left something off!!

five// So Cali, our lab, is pregnant! We have to make her a box for when she goes into labor, which should be in about 3 weeks (I think). Soooo.. if anyone knows of someone who would want a puppy LET ME KNOW!! We need to try and find people to give them away to!! 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

More Wedding Stuff

Is it Friday yet?? No I didn't think so... This week has gone pretty fast though thankfully!! This weekend will be full of cleaning and unpacking from our two week trip home for Christmas. All of my stuff is still in suitcases and bags!! 

Well on a better note, I was thinking about wedding cake stands/tables and how to make it look prettier than just putting a cake on a table. Well once again, I went to pinterest and found some super cute, rustic pictures!! I love the triangle banners!! The crate boxes are super pretty to me.. not where can I find some is the question?? What to yall think? We are doing cupcakes instead of an actual cake. There will be a single tier cake though for us to cut into and everything! Blaze will have a regular grooms cake too--should be pretty neat looking from what he tells me!!

(click to enlarge)

Hope yall have a great Thursday!!


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It's about that time

So we finally have less than 7 months until the wedding... and the planning has gotten crazy! We finally finished booking the venues (thank goodness) and I picked the bridesmaid dresses (& mine of course was ordered back in September) but now all of the little decoration questions come into play! I have this pretty idea of what I want for our reception, it is just hard to explain it to those who are asking the questions! TONS of mason jars, with daisies and baby's breath everywhere! Very rustic but chic looking.. some candles spread throughout (the owner doesn't want us to use candles), string lights hanging above with round paper lanterns hanging down randomly over the whole room! 

(if you click the image, it gets bigger)

Ready, set.... GO!! 

Friday, January 3, 2014

To the New Year

So I have been slacking on my blog posts the past couple weeks, I know!! It was nice to take a little break though, but I guess I will fill you in on what has been going on in my life.

We came back to Texas the weekend before Christmas (which feels like forever ago) and had 5 different Christmas' to go to between our families! It was so nice to see everyone and just relax. Of course there was plenty of wedding talk going on between us girls in both the Schleif and Lambert families! Blaze and I got to go out to Sweetwater for a few days to visit his grandparents and we had the best time!! Even though we didn't see anything while freezing our butts off in the blinds, we had such a good time away from everything and the city and just enjoyed the country and peace & quiet!! Let's just say, we definitely didn't want to come back to DFW! He is at a baseball coaches convention all weekend so I know he is excited to see all of his buddies that he hasn't seen in awhile!! 

Sadly, we have to leave this Sunday to get back to Louisiana! His baseball season starts so so soon, we have less than 7 months until the wedding, & I start grad school this month. So our lives will be busy busy!! We will definitely have to make sure we keep our weekly date nights going!! I have a few weddings that I have to come back for and my own wedding showers and BACHELORETTE party in July!! I am so excited for all that is going to happen this year! I feel some big changed coming in Blaze and my life!! I am excited to share it all with you guys!!

So I've decided for 2014, I am going to take one picture a day for the entire year!! I will be making a separate page for that so keep your eyes out for it!! :) I think it will be neat to look back next year and see all of those pictures (because I am usually bad about taking pictures).

Hope yall all had a great Christmas and New Years!!