Monday, October 12, 2015

Monday Ramblings

So it’s another Monday and luckily we have a staff development day which means no students! It might not be a day off, but if any of you are teachers, you know that staff development days are better than regular days! Though, staff development days mean long trainings that you are forced to sit through where you would rather be in your classroom, with your subject team, making lessons, planning or even grading papers… but hey, what can you do!

October is a crazy month in the Lambert household! The next few weekends will be crazy too!! This past weekend Blaze was gone again on the road out in east Texas/Louisiana. He got back last night and then had to fly out to Arizona today until Thursday. THEN he is in Lubbock this coming weekend. I get to have my first baby shower this Saturday so that will be fun to look forward to! Having most of my favorite ladies in one place again!! It’s crazy how fast this pregnancy is flying by! Next weekend is Brooke’s wedding in Austin! Then it’s already Halloween the weekend after with our second baby shower that Sunday! Our annual family photos/maternity pics will be in November too!!

Lots and lots to do these next couple of months!! Baby Lake’s room is almost done (sort of). Only 100 more days to go (or less) J

44 days until Thanksgiving!
73 days until Christmas!
100 days until BABY LAKE!!

Woohoo! Have a blessed Monday!!

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