Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Thanksgiving on My Mind

With Thanksgiving being only 5 weeks away from this Thursday (or 36 days away!), I started thinking about how excited I am about all of my favorite dishes that will be coming my way!! These are some of my FAV things about Thanksgiving day..

1) gotta love sweet potatoes.. especially with marshmallows!!

2) the one time of the year that I will actually eat something pumpkin is on Thanksgiving... and only Thanksgiving! I'm not big on everything pumpkin like most girls around this time of the year, but on Thanksgiving I will eat me a slice.. or two!

3) deviled eggs are one of my favorite things to eat no matter what time of the year it is! I love that someone decided to make these a side dish on Thanksgiving!

4) bread.... do I need to explain this one?? Everyone loves bread... no matter what kind it is!

5) creamed corn casserole is a dish that I actually like to make myself. Super easy to make and tastes so good! My family used to have one regular casserole and one with tiny pieces of jalapeƱos in them! YUM!

6) green bean casserole is probably my favorite thing about all of the Thanksgiving side dishes out there. I like to make this side myself as well, very easy and makes your house smell great!

Thanksgiving Food

Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Five

only 6 more weeks until THANKSGIVING!!! WOOHOO!!

Blaze and I finally under 100 days left mark until Baby Lake decides to enter the world!! 

My first baby shower is tomorrow!! Being thrown by my wonderful sisiter-in-law Ashley and will have my bestest girl friends there (that can make it)! Ill definitely post pictures of it next week!

This week has tested my patience for sure. 4 day work weeks are always the toughest sometimes on teachers. It's been a long, tough week, especially because Blaze has been gone to Arizona for work all week. 

Today marks 26 weeks being preggo! Less than 14 weeks to go (hopefully)!! Lake is definitely starting to grow like a weed, literally you can see a huge difference weekly now! 


Thursday, October 15, 2015

What to take to the Hospital

So the big task of packing my hospital bag has been on my mind lately. I am thinking of doing it sooner rather than later just in case, because you really never know when babies decided to come into the world!! I did some research on what in the world would be a great idea to pack and here are my for-sure items that I will have!! 

1) My Columbia sweater. You know hospitals can get cold and it will be either December or January so it will definitely be cold outside! Plus, it is just comfy to wear around!

2) Pair of flip flops! Easy to take on and off!

3) Robe. This one explains itself!

4)Yoga pants/leggings! These are already the most comfortable thing to wear pregnant or not pregnant! These would be easy and comfy to wear around (which I will probably be wearing most of the time I have off of work as well!)

5) A good nursing bra! You know this is a smart idea with all of the feedings that will be taking place!

6) My pillow! I am picky about pillows as it is! (I normally take one whenever we travel and stay at hotels too!) Bringing my own will make me more comfortable!

7) Toiletry bag!! This is a MUST have! Toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, q-tips, travel shampoo/conditioner, some minimal makeup, etc.!!! 

8) A good towel from home! You never know what type of quality the hospital towels will be!

9) My camera! This is self explanatory! I will be taking tons of pictures for Blaze and I forever so why not start there! :) 

Maternity Bag

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Maternity Photos

So trying to find cute outfits for our family photos/maternity photos has been so hard!! Of course I feel like nothing looks good on me when I try it on, so there is that struggle. Then there is Pinterest and TOO many cute outfit ideas to choose from!! I absolutely love fall photos (fall is definitely my favorite time of the year) and I love the outfits that fall brings!! Here are a few of my favorite ones that I have found so far! Luckily our photos are still about 5 weeks away so I have time still to find some outfits!!

maternity shoot

Monday, October 12, 2015

Monday Ramblings

So it’s another Monday and luckily we have a staff development day which means no students! It might not be a day off, but if any of you are teachers, you know that staff development days are better than regular days! Though, staff development days mean long trainings that you are forced to sit through where you would rather be in your classroom, with your subject team, making lessons, planning or even grading papers… but hey, what can you do!

October is a crazy month in the Lambert household! The next few weekends will be crazy too!! This past weekend Blaze was gone again on the road out in east Texas/Louisiana. He got back last night and then had to fly out to Arizona today until Thursday. THEN he is in Lubbock this coming weekend. I get to have my first baby shower this Saturday so that will be fun to look forward to! Having most of my favorite ladies in one place again!! It’s crazy how fast this pregnancy is flying by! Next weekend is Brooke’s wedding in Austin! Then it’s already Halloween the weekend after with our second baby shower that Sunday! Our annual family photos/maternity pics will be in November too!!

Lots and lots to do these next couple of months!! Baby Lake’s room is almost done (sort of). Only 100 more days to go (or less) J

44 days until Thanksgiving!
73 days until Christmas!
100 days until BABY LAKE!!

Woohoo! Have a blessed Monday!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Diaper Bags

Finding the right diaper bag has been a challenge. I have gone back and forth on what brand to look at and what size, type etc. I have found the top ones that are both affordable, being under $200, and seem to be the best fit for whatever your needs may be!

1) Ju-Ju-Be B.F.F Diaper Bag in the Duchess- This has always been my favorite diaper bag style. This one comes in many different styles and patterns, whether you want solid or a pattern. This bag is pretty big as well with lots of room and pouches to organize your items! This bag is normally $180, but if you can find it at a Bed Bath & Beyond, they offer the 20% off coupon, and sometimes Buy Buy Baby & Babys R Us have coupons that you could use on this too!

2) John Hart Diaper Bag- If you know John Hart, you know he makes great quality products!! 100% leather and you can personalize it!! I didn't even know he made diaper bags until Blaze showed me and then I fell in love!! (this is the one we are getting) These are a good size and have plenty of room inside and outside! These retail for $197 without the personalization and $205 if you want it personalized!

3) Columbia Summit Rush Backpack Diaper Bag- This is definitely a favorite for the dad's out there. It's a great brand and it doesn't look too much like a diaper bag at all! I know this is the first one Blaze picked out that he wanted! Has plenty of room and is very affordable at $49!! I originally saw this at Babys R Us!!

4) John Hart Backpack- I LOVE this as a diaper bag or even just as an overnight bag to grandma & grandpa's house! This is another great option for the guys to want to carry because it doesn't look too girly! This backpack is $141 without personalizing and $149 if you want their initials/name on there! 100% leather and these are very durable!!

Diaper Bags

Monday, October 5, 2015

What to Wear??

So my first baby shower is two weekends from now and I have NO clue what to wear.  It's being thrown by my sister in law and step mom with all my friends/family lady friends! I figured I needed to find a dress that I could wear that would look somewhat flattering on me. ( I feel as though no dress looks good on me at this point HA! ) I found a few that I really liked but am not sure which one I favor the most! They are all flowy so they seem like they would be comfy to wear!! The second baby shower will be more laid back so I'll dress differently but what do yall think!?

Have a GREAT Monday!! :) 
baby shower