Thursday, March 31, 2016

Last Week of Maternity Leave

So this is my last Thursday of maternity leave before going back to work on Monday! SO depressing... What I would do to stay home with little Lake man! I think knowing that Blaze will be with him all week next week will make it easier for me to get adjusted to going back to work and leaving him though! And THANKFULLY we only have 8 weeks until summer break! Woohoo! Then I get another (almost) three months off with him! I still can't believe he is 3 months old! I will say that maternity leave went by WAY too fast!! :( I have definitely enjoyed every minute of it... even the tough days! Lake and I have especially been enjoying this week together.. I'm hoping he does well when I go back considering we have been together for 3 straight months, every single day together!! Monday will definitely be tough on me! :( 

While we have had to put our adoption plans on hold, we have loved every day with Lake so far! :) A lot of people have asked us if we are still wanting to adopt now that we have Lake. Lake was never a factor of IF we were going to adopt or not, but more of WHEN we would adopt. Our agency has a policy about adopting when you're pregnant. They want us to wait until Lake is one year old to adopt but we can start all of the paperwork (which we already have done) when Lake is 9 months old. So to answer a lot of people's questions, YES we are still planning on adopting and we are going to start our home study and paperwork back up in August! So we are hoping (fingers crossed) that Lake will have a brother around this time next year! 

We are going to enjoy our last free weekend together before I have to go back to work! The weather is supposed to be nice so hopefully that won't change! Lake gets to go to his first bridal shower this weekend for Auntie Lauren!! 

Monday, March 28, 2016

3 Months In

So we made it to the 3 month mark already!! To say it's been a piece of cake would definitely not be the truth! I know a lot of mommy friends of mine always make newborns out to be super easy, "all they do is sleep", "he/she is THE easiest baby ever", "my baby never really fusses", etc... all I can say is that no one truly prepares you for your first baby. First off, Lake was VERY VERY colicky, which neither Blaze or I had ever heard of before. That was a fun learning curve that consisted of sleeping on the couch for what felt like weeks at the beginning. THANKFULLY Lake has slowly grown out of the colic and is just a fussy baby around 7pm every night. He still isn't the easiest though, for example... I cannot do anything without carrying him around with me. He only takes about 30 minute naps.. MAX every now and then throughout the day. He does still sleep in his rock-n-play because that was the only place he would sleep with the colic issue and now loves it because it rocks him all night. Don't take any of this as complaining about having a baby... I just want to inform people that babies are definitely not all cute pictures and easy times like some people think. Babies take A LOT of work, ours just more than others maybe!!

I will say that having a baby, especially a super fussy and difficult one like Lake will push you in your marriage. So my advice is if you are not in a good place with your husband, I would not even think about having a baby. We definitely had to get through the rough nights together that consisted of no sleep and us getting irritated because we had had no sleep. Blaze and I had prayed for months about Lake before I was even pregnant and we still make sure to pray together each night before bed. We pray over little Lake and his development and health, and that we, together, can be Godly role models for Lake and his future siblings!! I think that Lake has made our marriage stronger, especially as more time goes by.

These first few months have definitely been exhausting but I wouldn't trade them for anything! Sadly, this is my last week of maternity leave before I go back to work for 8 weeks (until summer break)!

Here are some products that we used to help his colic the best that we could!

Colic must haves

Here are some pictures from yesterday that I decided to take!