Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Five

One// I am finishing my second week of work today! It's getting better day by day!  Slowly getting the hang of things so that is good. This week went by a lot faster than last week. 

Two// I am trying to find pretty invitations for the wedding that aren't $1000 lol. I think it's crazy what people will spend on paper. When I hear that people spend so much because it "sets the tone for your wedding".. I think it's a crock!! People who know me know that I don't care about the little details.. It's all about the big picture-- THE RECEPTION (and the dress)!! 

Three// I know that every family has issues and seems distinctional in their own way.. I just really wish mine would get their crap together. I am really looking forward to going home for the holidays now that I don't see them all the time. But then I remember.. 'Oh yea.. My family can't be around each other without drama' .. Brother doesn't talk to mom.. Brother doesn't talk to brother.. Crazy ass sister in law... May I continue?? Thank God for Blaze's family!! Love them to death! 

Four// Blaze recently told me what he's getting me for Christmas.. A hunting now!! I'm excited about it and that he told me.. I hate surprises! (A lot) I have to get sized before we get it so that's the ONLY reason he told me.. So don't get mad that I know!! 

Five// I've been following this couple that graduate from Texas Tech recently.. They have a young, beautiful baby girl who has a failing heart and needed to get a heart transplant. They found out this morning that her blood won't accept a donor heart and can no longer be on the transplant list. This story has been so heartbreaking to follow just because I can not begin to even image how they feel or what they are going through thinking everyday could be their last with their baby girl. Her name is London and she needs probably the biggest miracle to happen in her life. So as you all go on with your weekend, whether it's being with your own family.. Partying.. Going to the football game.. Whatever it may be, just keep them in your prayers as they really need it right now. And just remember to be extra thankful for your loved ones who are strong and healthy.. I feel like sometimes we take all of that for granted and don't realize how easy we have it. Just a thought. 

Have a great weekend!! It's almost Halloween!! 

Lovely Lambert


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