Friday, March 28, 2014

Five on Friday

1. I support Hobby Lobby--these people only justify how dumb some people look on political issues.

2. I wish college students were more educated on politics..

3.LOVE the new #hashtag video haha

4.AWESOME.. (people have too much time on their hands haha)

5.Cant WAIT for this movie!!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wedding Wednesday... I mean Thursday!

I usually do the link up with Nancy J but was super busy yesterday at work!! So here we go!
Smaller Details:

Everyone has been receiving our Save-The-Dates!! I made these all by myself so I am glad that people are really liking them! :)

At Hobby Lobby the other day, I found this beauty on clearance!! It is about 2 ft tall, and this will be our "guest book" for the reception!! Then we will be able to hang it on our future "L" wall!! 

My stepmom and I found a ton of these wooden frames at places like goodwill and other thrift stores a while back. I think she bought them for like .25-.50 CENTS! So we bought as many as we could find for the table numbers!! I started painting them last weekend!

Using acrylic paint in white, violet, and light blue!

I enjoyed myself while doing it by drinking wine! (Blaze was out of town)

This is what I am thinking of doing with them in the end!!

 This one is with burlap

This one has wooden letters that are painted white glued to the picture frame! 


Love Always, Nancy J

Friday, March 21, 2014

Five on Friday

                1. Decided to look at our wedding countdown today... it is getting closer!!!

2. Chloe loves to snuggle in the morning while I am trying to get ready for work!

3.Heard this song on my way to work this morning.. I love this song!! So cute

4.I have decided that I am going to wear Nike's for my wedding shoes.. anyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE a good pair of running/tennis shoes!! I want them to look like this girl's pair that I found online!

5. Love hearing this song on XM radio!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Hairstyles

Wedding hair is a difficult decision!! I started thinking about what the heck that I want to do with my hair lately and I have no clue. I see so many cute hairstyles on pinterest that I would LOVE to try. Most of the styles that I see, my hair isn't long enough for, so I would need to get extensions. Here are some of my favorites that I am thinking about!!

If my hair was longer, i would LOVE this
half up wedding hair

This is the length of my hair right now and these are both simple but pretty!!
half up half downhalf up half down

These two I would need longer hair for also!
soft and romantic half up half downbraided crown

Love Always Nancy J
Wedding Wednesday

Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Update

 Friday night I went and watched the baseball game. They won so Blaze was in a great mood afterwards!! 

Saturday, they ending up playing a double header because it was supposed to rain on Sunday. So they started at 3 and didn’t finish until about 10:30 that night. The second game went into 15 innings!! CRAZY long day of baseball. They won the first but lost the second—so that meant Pepper’s Pizza for dinner!! YUM! It started raining about 10 mins after the game was over—it was awesome timing! 

Sunday we drove out to New Orleans so Blaze could find suits for the wedding!!! AHH! It was fun to see him get somewhat excited! Makes it seem like it is all getting a little closer!! Then we ventured out to Whole Foods (that is the closest one to us) and the New Orleans Whole Foods was super neat looking! It was in such a cute little area of New Orleans. Then came home and just relaxed (finally).

Not too much went on this weekend. Next weekend Blaze will be out of town so that means I will be finishing our taxes, finishing painting the hallway, and maybe some wedding crafts! 

Hope yall have a great Monday—I’m on my second cup of coffee…

Friday, March 14, 2014

Finally Friday!!

1. It is Pi Day!!

2.This weekend is finally conference games for Blaze’s team!! Go Nicholls!

3.Earlier this week, the weather said it was supposed to FINALLY be nice!! Well I looked today and it says rain… again!! UGH!

4. We are on a ‘healthy cleanse’ this week… so that means that I have not had a glass of wine all week!! Anyone that knows me, knows that I love wine.. especially after work (with dinner)!! 2 more days!!!

5.  Blaze made me listen to this the other day.. SO funny and SUPER catchy!!

Have a GREAT weekend!!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Happy Thursday!!!


This week has been flying by—THANK GOODNESS!! I am so ready for this weekend, but who isn’t?? The weather down here is finally acting normal! It is supposed to be warm and sunny—makes great baseball-watching weather! J No big plans this weekend but relaxing, homework, & maybe finishing painting!! 

So there are lots of changes coming our way!! Just know that they are all good and we are super excited!!

Well, we finally are getting into the fun stretch of all of this wedding stuff! About 4 & a half months left (EEK) which means bridal showers, bachelorette party, pictures, etc! Woohoo! I just wish I was closer right now to have my girls really help out because I know they wish they could!

I am needing someone who plays the guitar really well for our wedding ceremony, hmmm what should I do?? I don’t really know anyone who can play besides guys that are in the wedding!! Any ideas??

I heard this on the radio the other day--LOVE it!! So cute!

This is one of my favorites right now--so catchy! The other day I had the chorus stuck in my head ALL day!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: The Little Details

All of the little details are what we are working on now that all of the BIG details are finalized!!

Will definitely have cute signs like this for our chairs! Super easy and cute!
Haute Seats - Wedding Chair Treatments | Photo by Andrea Polito Photography. #wedding #chairtreatment #chalkboard #hisandhers #gold

For table numbers, I have a ton of wooden frames that I will be painting and making look somewhat like this!
vintage frame table numbers for wedding reception, (after, make a small collage wall in your house w/ photos from the wedding!)

I have seen this at weddings lately and i LOVE it. Really easy way to get a ton of pictures of friends and family the next morning!
Wedding Reception Instagram Sign - Photo Sharing Social Media Wedding Sign - #tag Hashtag Sign - Matching Table Numbers Available - SS06 on Etsy, $8.00

For our exit, I have always wanted to walk under a tunnel of sparklers! Any help on where to get a ton for cheap--let me know!
Let Love Sparkle Sign - Sparkler Send Off Sign - Table Card Sign - Wedding Reception Seating Signage - Matching Numbers Available SS01 on Etsy, $10.00

This is what I am wanting for our centerpieces.. Sweet, simple & easy!! Light colored flowers such as white, pastel pinks. I have tons of mason jars that will be painted like this and wooden crates that will be stained!!
Centerpiece of painted mason jars with babies breath // image by Rachel Peters Photographytiny wooden crate centerpieces!

Bouquets will all be simple, white hydrangeas.
A beautiful white bridal bouquet wrapped in white ribbon and a vintage cameo. Photo by Andrea Polito Photography #wedding #bridal #bride #bouquet #vintage #cameo # ribbon #floral

I am doing a wedding cupcake tower with a small cake on top! I want each level to do be different flavors of cupcakes!
Wedding cupcake tower @Lagunagloria #cupcakes #polkadotscupcakefactory #wedding

Invitations are the last bigger thing needed. I want something simple but elegant. Not too crazy looking--something like this
Rustic Modern Wedding Invitations by LemonInvitations on Etsy, $2.00

Love Always Nancy J

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thursday Rant..

My dad and I were talking last night about frustrations with our society lately. If you have an opinion, it seems as though you aren't being given the freedom to express it without being called homophobic or racist or discriminating, etc. People get so offended by taking things WAY out of context and seem to be looking for an argument. Why is one side entitled to their opinion but the second you go to give yours, you are labeled something negative? It just doesn't make any sense.

Today I saw a couple articles on this exact topic. I'm sure most of you have heard of the 'Fit Mom' on Facebook. If not, this is a picture of her and her THREE kids just simply asking "What is your excuse?"
PHOTO: Fit Mom, Maria Kang

She started the page to try and motivate moms to become educated on healthy living and showing their kids the same healthy lifestyle. She wrote about stats of high child obesity rates etc. Well people were writing the rudest things on her page saying that 'normal women dont look like this'.. 'Looking how they do is perfectly fine'.. etc.

I totally agree with her when she said she believe people are celebrating unhealthy habits and they make excuses for those-many moms using the excuse that they have kids.

I LOVED reading her posts though, she is a great example of just because you are a mom, that doesn't mean that you necessarily have to embrace and accept the normal weight gains that come along with it. I think she looks amazing and is a great role model in getting fit with not just one kid but THREE!  I think more women should try harder, not just for their husbands, but for themselves and for their kids.

The other article that I read was about a transgender athlete that is sueing Crossfit by saying that they are refusing to let him compete in the womens division at the upcoming Crossfit games. He is legally recognized in California as a women, but I mean come on, let think about anatomy here... That is just SO NOT FAIR! "She" was still born as a man, with man muscles, man build. etc.. Any and every day, that would beat a women in crossfit, not because women aren't strong, but men are and always will be, stronger. It is what it is.

Well this 'women' and her supporters are saying that isn't right and they should let 'her' compete with the other women. And since they are saying that 'she' has an unfair advantage, she is now demanding 2.5 million dollars to "make things right"... well this is what the Crossfit board had to say..

'"Our decision has nothing to do with 'ignorance' or being bigots -- it has to do with a very real understanding of the human genome, of fundamental biology, that you are either intentionally ignoring or missed in high school."

"She cant really get offended, it is what it is... you were born a MAN and you definitely would have an unfair advantage over any women competing..."

People have turned issues into such touchy topics... whether it is religion, politics, sexual orientation, etc.. what happened to the days where you didnt take things SO personally and just looked at things for facts or just let people have their own opinions and just left them alone? Why does EVERYONE have to have the same opinion on these issues? Isn't that why America is supposed to be such a great country? We can all have our OWN opinions and NOT be discriminated against or labeled something negative for it. I don't get what has gone wrong... but it is frustrating.

I am a Christian, always have been and ALWAYS will be. I live my life the best that I know how, I try and treat people equal and I try to not judge for whatever life decisions they may make. I believe in a traditional marriage but I don't hate those that don't agree with me. I believe blacks, whites, hispanics, asians, etc. are all equal and we are all given the same rights when we are born, now whether one decided to do great things or not is their own choice. Do I make mistakes? ABSOLUTELY. But why do I get yelled at and called negative names for believing in God and being a conservative republic who is Pro-Life & who agrees with a traditional marriage/family and who thinks that when you work hard, you should get rewarded, not punished? I'll never know

NIght Owl Venting

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: The Details

So everything is starting to slowly come together with the wedding being less than 5 months away!!

So something that most people that are planning a wedding DONT do is change their reception venue with this little time left!! BUT... let me just say, the venue we originally were going to use was going to need a lot of work to make look pretty!! This new place is in downtown fort worth and it is SO pretty!! It is called the Marquis on Magnolia!

Also, my dress FINALLY came in!! My awesome stepmom went to pick it up yesterday!! I am SO SO excited. I wish I could wear it all the time!

These are the two dresses that my bridesmaids will be wearing.. they will be alternating these two colors!

Everyone (guys/girls) will be wearing cowboy boots!

All will have Hydrangea Bouquets

Love Always Nancy J

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Honeymoon Tuesday

IT'S MARDI GRAS DAY!! AKA, I have a day off so I have been working on our taxes!! Go me... NOT! 

I decided to take a break and, of course, got on Pinterest!! So addicting!! Since we have less than 5 months until the wedding, I have been looking at honeymoon outfit ideas. Blaze won't tell me where we are going until we get to the airport, but I know it is a beach somewhere. Here are some of my favorites: