Friday, February 28, 2014

Five on Friday

One// Blaze will be gone Sunday-Monday for baseball!! Their first out of town weekend of the baseball season! Hmm.. what to do this weekend!

Two// The weather here has been crazy… it was 75 degrees Wednesday and it was in the 40’s yesterday at the baseball game. I am SO ready for summer weather, my tan, going to the pool, etc. So many fun things to look forward to this summer too!!

Three// Scandal started last night!! Being excited is an over statement for sure. If you haven't watched that show, START!! Such a good show!

Four// I LOVE this song right now. So catchy and cute!

> Five// I painted my first painting last weekend!! I didn't think it would turn out good at all but it was actually pretty!! I am going to try again this weekend.. I found these on pinterest.. SUPER cute!!
 1). Get a blank canvas  2). Get paint/colors that match the color scheme of your desire room  3). Go crazy.  4). Hang it up!    Love this idea! You could have one for every room if you wanted, maybe even use old objects/furniture instead of a blank canvas!Made these crosses for Christmas presents this year.  DIY cross on canvas: Paint background any color and use jute to make the crosscolor inspiration for crayon art- melt pinks/reds going one direction and golds/browns going the other direction

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wedding Vows

Wedding Vows… Blaze and I are writing our own. Yes, Blaze IS going to write his own!! I am super excited. Writing our own wedding vows to me was a big deal. I have always wanted to write my own to give them a deeper meaning. Every time I think about writing them, it kind of makes me nervous though because I want them to be perfect. We still have 5 months until the wedding, so luckily I have plenty of time. Blaze swears he is going to ‘wing’ it during the ceremony but he will be nervous so that would definitely be a bad idea haha. Does anyone out there who wrote their own have any tips??? One day, when it gets closer to the actual wedding, I’m going to have to sit down and just write whatever I am thinking. I feel like wedding vows aren't something that you should plan and rewrite. Just let it come to you one day and write it all down!!
Sample wedding vows. Tons of suggestions in the comments! (Gabriel Harber Photography)
She He Word Art wedding phrases Reception Art by Geezees Custom Canvas
Printable Bridal Shower Libs  PDF File by InvitationsByTiffany, $20.00

Love Always Nancy J

Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday No-Funday

This weekend when I was just lounging around, I started looking for dresses for the bachelorette party in July! I can’t decide what color I want to do but as of now I'm thinking of trying to find a white dress! All of my ladies will be wearing black dresses!! I found some of my favorites online. 

happy birthday to me from my future hubs!!
Photo: Happy birthday to me from the best future hub ever!! #michaelkors #birthday

Friday, February 21, 2014


One// Thank goodness it is FINALLY Friday! I had Monday off, which I love, but I feel like 4 day work weeks can feel even longer than regular work weeks!!

Two// So Mardi Gras is officially starting down here in southern Louisiana. On the way to work this morning, I passed several party buses and they were drinking… and by the way, it was 8:45AM!!! These people are crazy haha. Mardi Gras is like a national holiday down here. Our office is closed for it, the schools have 3 days off… crazy I know.

Three// This weekend will be full of cleaning and baseball. We haven’t had a lot of time on the weekends in the past few weeks. We were in Houston last weekend and so the house got even messier!! I will definitely be cleaning like crazy tomorrow. The guys have a tournament going on so I will be watching baseball games at night!

Four// My birthday is Monday and I have told Blaze several times to NOT do anything for me. He does so much all the time so I told him I didn’t need or want anything. Well I know he won’t listen (and he will read this)… so I think he said we are doing something Sunday for it.

Five// I finally got my hair done Monday. I haven’t found a salon out here since we moved (we moved here back in August). She was amazing!! Any tips on how to get your hair to grow?? I am taking vitamins to help!! 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Glam Series

Love Always Nancy J

My hair care routine has been the same forever!! I LOVE John Frieda's hair products. He makes great, reasonably priced hair products for blondes (and for everyone else). His blode shampoos/conditioners help keep that brassy yellow out of my hair longer!! So if you haven't tried them, you should! Since I am trying to grow my hair out, I try to not blow dry & straighten my hair much, so I use the unwinding curls from John Frieda! It keeps my frizz down but lets me keep subtle curls instead of crazy ones!! I do LOVE quickly, lightly straightening with my Chi (will never use another straightener). Then I always finish with my Nexxus Finishing hold. This isn't hairspray, but comb through spray! AMAZING


hair by aschleif featuring Frieda

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wedding Wednesday


So my wonderful best friend and maid of honor has been busy planning the bachelorette party!! I hope July hurries up and gets here already!!! We will be going to Austin, TX and the plan is to get a condo so we can all be together!! Some of us (that can take Friday off work) are going down early. We are thinking of doing a half day wine tour to start things! Then wait for the other girls to get there that night. Just lay low that first night and let them all get to know each other (most of them know each other but there are a few that don't). Then Saturday, we are going to do one of those pole workout/dancing private classes!! It will definitely take everyone out of their comfort zone which is what I want (me included)! Probably go out to a nicer dinner and then out for the night!! Im super excited to have all of my best friends together for a whole weekend!! WOOHOO!

Here are some cute pictures that I found on pinterest!

Brides Mates with Anchor for Bridal or Bachelorette Party Flowy Tank Tops great for Bridal or Bachelorette Parties sur Etsy, $21.21 CADThis chick throws a "Trophy Husband" Party for her hubby every year, for his bday, and invites his buddies and their wives. She's got some cute + funny details, like this cake topper. HahaI like the look of this sash for Jenn!  This is still fun, but is a little less in-your-face than the typical bright white satin "Bachelorette" sash.Bachelorette party
Before and After Bachelorette Party PicturesBachelorette Party Panty Game.  Each person brings a pair of panties and a note for the bride, the bride gets to guess who they are from and she gets new panties!!Bride's Drinking Team Bachelorette Party Cups Set by Celebr8tions

Love Always Nancy J

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Weekend Update!

So I look like I disappeared the past few days!! Well to catch up with yall, Thursday was my Friday of the work week! After I got off Thursday, Janelle and I packed up and drove to Houston! It was the easiest drive ever!! We stopped in Lafayette and ate at Zoë’s Kitchen and then got some coffee. It was a good drive though! Friday we went shopping and around Houston, the weather was amazing!! It was nice to have good shopping and food again. That night, the guys had a game so we went to that (unfortunately they lost). Saturday was filled with more shopping and walking around. It was so warm in Houston this weekend…it makes me excited for summer! Then the guys had another game that night. Sunday the game was earlier which was nice because it was kind of sunny out! We went to eat afterwards before we got back on the road! Yesterday (Monday), I was lucky enough to have the day off for president’s day!! I was hoping to spend the day cleaning the house because it is a disaster… buuut that didn’t happen. I FINALLY got my hair done and then had to run an errand for the coaches, and I DID get my homework done on time!!

It was neat to go back to Texas for the weekend because it feels like it has been forever (even though it’s only been since Christmas). I won’t be going back home for a while until this summer unfortunately! BUT Baseball Season is here so that means spring/summer is coming!! I really hope they do well this season!! They play again tonight and then Thursday-Sunday!

AND my birthday is next Monday.. the big 24!! I am so not excited… 

1. Kelli and I went to dinner after the game friday night (which was valentines day) and they were having a speed dating event haha
2. the game Friday night!! 
3. The game Sunday (That is Blaze walking in the picture)
4. Janelle, Kelli and I Friday night.
5. Saturday night's game!
6. Another 'L' mug that I found at Anthropologie

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Today is my Friday

So Janelle and I are headed to Houston tonight after I get off work for the weekend! (Janelle is the head coach’s wife). Since we are leaving, I had to find a place to board the dogs for the weekend… which I didn’t think would be a big deal for me since we have left them before. Well, I went home at lunch to get Kimber and Cali to take them to the boarding place and I swear that I almost cried when I got back into my car. I felt so bad leaving them with strangers… they have only ever stayed with Blaze’s sister… never strangers. I just hope that they are okay but at least they are together. As yall know, Blaze and I don’t have actual babies… but to us, those animals are our babies!! You animal moms out there can relate to me I’m sure! So sad...

Well on a brighter note, I just checked the weather for Houston this weekend and it is supposed to be VERY nice. Our recent weather has been super cold lately so I’m excited for 70’s weather!! That makes the perfect baseball watching weather!! I know the coaches are super pumped and nervous for this weekend. Blaze and the other coaches have been working their butts off with these guys (who have also been working hard). It will be fun to finally start watching them play and WIN!!

Anyone have any fun plans this weekend??

Be safe out there (those on the east coast in all of this snow)


Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Seating Charts... this is a difficult task to go about doing. I decided early on that I wanted to make a seating chart just because I feel like it would be easier for me to know where everyone is. It gets tricky when actually writing it down and trying to fit people that know each other together. I know you are supposed to put the families together and up front, along with the bridal party. You are supposed to put the bridal party with their dates right? I've been to weddings where the bridal party are together and their dates are at separate tables.. I dont like that. Im also trying to find a cute way to create the seating lists like in the pictures below. Do any of yall have any tips on seating charts and arrangements?? I would love to hear some!! :)

Easy to find seating chart and cheaper than place cards! - Great idea - @ Wedding Day Pins : You're #1 Source for Wedding Pins!Wedding Day Pins : You're #1 Source for Wedding Pins!Instead of one large seating chart, individual frames for each table makes for a decorative display. For larger weddings, consider grouping tables in alphabetical order or by relationship to the couple to make it easy for guests to locate their spot.Photo-frame as wedding seating chart #Recipes1ª parte: 12 ideas originales para indicar el Sitting (Seating plan)Awesome Seating Chart Idea via Nightingale Wedding Specialist Facebook pageThe pros and cons of the seating chart!!! Should you have one? (Image via Style Me Pretty)
Love Always, Nancy J

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wedding Invitations

I am on a mission to find wedding invitations right now! It is so so hard because there are so many cute ones out there! I LOVE the invitations I have found on Etsy the most! They are super cute and so unique! Some of the people do the whole DIY printable wedding invitation suite. I am trying to decide if that would be an easy, cute but less expensive route. Or do I want the trouble of doing that?? I just handmade 120 save the dates and it was exhausting! They were super cute but a pain in my butt haha I just hope everyone loves them when they receive them!! Any tips out there on wedding invitations? Any etiquette rules that you made sure you stuck to or did you break them? We are having a no-children-allowed reception so does anyone have tips on that touchy topic? We don’t want to offend anyone but there is always one or two people who take it personal! 

I am being featured today on a pretty lady’s blog today about my wedding preparations! Go check Lisa’s blog out! J

Wedding Invitations

 photo BlogHopButtonFinal_zps99116d5e.png" border="0" alt=" photo BlogHopButtonFinal_zps99116d5e.png"/>

Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekend Update

So our weekend was eventful!! Friday night, I had a quiet night to myself (I should’ve worked on homework) but Blaze had to work super late that night. I just watched movies and laid around with the dogs! Blaze got home so late that I didn’t even hear him come in!
Saturday I went for mani/pedis with one of the other baseball coach’s wife! It was much needed! Then Blaze said they had an alumni game, which I tried to do some homework (it was a pretty day... I didn’t feel like it again). But that night the baseball team held their first pitch banquet. It was really fun! We went out afterwards and let’s just say, I didn’t feel good yesterday!
Sunday (yesterday) I kind of lounged around the house but didn’t feel too good. I did some homework and then went and watched the baseball game for a little while. The weather yesterday was amazing! It was in the 70’s… in FEBRUARY!! Then last night, all of the coach’s and their ladies went out to Baton Rouge to Texas de Brazil. It was so good (I’ve never been there before). Definitely more for people who like red meat and can eat a ton (which I can’t do either) but it was so so good! Very pretty place.

This week will be kind of crazy! I have 3 assignments due tonight, one I haven’t started… good job Amy. I will be working on that all night. Then Wednesday Blaze and I will be doing a little date night for Valentine’s Day because they leave Thursday morning for Houston!! Janelle and I (the head coach’s wife) will be going down Thursday night when I get off work!! I am excited to get a weekend away, back in a big city! You never know how much you miss the city until you are super far from one. The boys are opening up at the University of Houston, and the weather is supposed to be really nice! So I’m excited to go to a game or two. I’m really excited to see a great friend of mine that I haven’t seen in what feels like forever. It’s funny because we used to see each other practically every day when I was at Texas Tech!! Feels like forever ago now! L  But it will be good to catch up with her and go to dinner, and shopping, etc!

Well I hope yall all have had a great Monday. Ill leave you with some of my favorite gifs from the Real Housewives!! (I love those ladies haha)


Friday, February 7, 2014

It's finally Friday!!

So it's FINALLY Friday!! Can I get a woohoo?? Hopefully everyone has an eventful weekend planned like I do! 

Once I get past working today, I will be finishing some last minute homework assignments and hopefully relaxing tonight with a good glass of wine while Blaze works late! Tomorrow they are having a banquet to kick off the baseball season (which starts NEXT weekend!!) And we get to get all dressed up and there will be food, drinks and a silent auction. It shall be fun!! I'm excited to get all dressed up and see Mr. Blazer all fancy in his new suit!! Sunday, the head coach and his wife are taking us all out to New Orleans for a fun night out! This weekend is the last weekend before the season starts and things get crazy!! Next weekend is their opening weekend at the University of Houston!! That means I get a weekend away from the animals and get to possibly go shopping! (Blaze don't read this).

So I don't know if it is just me or if any of you ladies out there were/are the same way, but our wedding is less than 6 months away and it is so hard for me to get motivated to get my butt in the gym on a regular basis!! I always say 'okay I am going to really start working out this week' but I just can't get into the groove. I am hoping that since it is getting into crunch time, that I get this sudden spark of interest in the gym again! I used to LOVE working out and I worked out 5-6 days a week. I don't know where we are going on our honeymoon (Blaze won't tell me) but I do know it is a beach and that I WILL be in bikini for a week... that should be enough motivation right?? Any tips out there?? 

Hope yall all have a great weekend! 


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wedding Hairstyles

I was looking at hairstyles this morning for the wedding! I know when I go home next that I will need to do a trial run with my lovely lady who will be doing my hair for the wedding! Unfortunately, I think I will have to get extensions. My hair has been growing fast but I guess because it was SO short, it isn't growing as fast as I need to get super long by August!

What do yall think?? I want my hair down with subtle curls! Nothing too crazy or over the top! Just want to be comfortable and classy!

Love Always, Nancy J

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Beauty Favorites

Here are 7 of my FAVORITE beauty items that I would definitely recommend! (most of these are great and they aren't too expensive!)


Makeup by aschleif featuring Sephora Collection

1) Loreal Sublime Bronze I LOVE this self tanning lotion! It is a gradual tanner and works amazing!

2) Sephora Concealer This is my favorite concealer to use!! Not too expensive and blends very well when you have that day you need to cover something up!!

3) bareMinerals Starter kit If you are one of those that isnt sure about bareMinerals, I would highly recommend it!! Very light and it feels like you are wearing nothing!! Amazing!

4) Fit Me Blush This is a cheaper blush but it is the only that I will use! Very pretty shades of pink!!

5) e.l.f eyeshadow palette I love this eyeshadow palette! They have the prettiest eyeshadows for a very reasonable price!! There are different color combos available.  

6) Sephora Lasting Line Eyeliner is something that I always have handy!! Easy to use and doesn't smudge!

7) Sephora Mascara is waterproof and makes my eyelashes look great!! Makes them look very long and like they actually have volume!!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend Update

Weekend Update

This weekend seemed somewhat eventful!! Friday night, we had a mini date night and went to Chick-fil-A and went shopping! It was an early night for use because Blaze was super tired from the week! Saturday, Blaze had to work all day doing a camp up at school. I on the other hand, made some new pillows for the couch! It was my first actual sewing project since getting a sewing machine for Christmas!! They are super cute! I am going to make 3 more!! So fun! I also got my homework done thankfully!! Yesterday was fun, we went shopping and Blaze got a suit for the baseball banquet that will be this Saturday! Then we had people over last night for a superbowl get together! I am very sad that Denver did so bad though, very sad to watch! We had fun though just hanging out with friends!! Hopefully this week goes by fast (cross my fingers)

Have a great Monday!

Here are the pillows that I made!!

 photo IMG_0992222_zpsfb57346c.jpg

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Pretty Dresses

So I have been looking for fun dresses for the bachelorette party! I think it would be fun to have all of the girls wear cute black dresses and then I could wear a fun-colored dress!! I have found a few that I LOVE!! What do yall think?? Which one would be the best 'Im getting married" dress?? I think they are all super cute and could work! I favor the yellow ones I think because you don't ever see yellow dresses that are cute!! 

Bachelorette Party Dresses