Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday

It’s that time again... My favorite day. HUMP DAAAYYY!

I love Wednesdays only because it marks that I've made it half way through the week. Only two more days left until the weekend! Thursdays usually go by pretty quick and Fridays go back really quick just because we get off at 3. Who knew getting off just two hours early could make me so happy?

So Blaze is leaving me this weekend to go back to Dallas (which I am super jealous) BUT I am still excited because Courtney and Lauren will be here! I think the timing of their arrival is perfect just because of some of the struggles that I am going through being away from friends and family. So we will get the ultimate girls weekend! I see some wedding planning going on… what what!

Then just two short weeks later, we are going to the A&M vs LSU football game up in Baton Rouge! And
then we will be ...
going home for Thanksgiving break!  I also found out that the company I work for just opened up an office in Dallas and they said I can work there over the holidays so I don’t have to take off!! I’m excited about that! Gotta save up for vacations and our honeymoon!!

Speaking of honeymoons.. Blaze decided that I get no part at all in the decision of planning the honeymoon. He told me that he will take care of it and that I will find out when its time. Anyone who knows me knows that I hate surprises. I mean come on… how can I NOT know where we are going for our honeymoon?? This is going to kill me and I promise I will find a way to find out!!

I found some of my favorite pictures of weddings where the bride and bridesmaids wear boots... Hope ya’ll think this is cute because this will be my gals and I next august!!

Have a great night!!


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