Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wedding Vows

Wedding Vows… Blaze and I are writing our own. Yes, Blaze IS going to write his own!! I am super excited. Writing our own wedding vows to me was a big deal. I have always wanted to write my own to give them a deeper meaning. Every time I think about writing them, it kind of makes me nervous though because I want them to be perfect. We still have 5 months until the wedding, so luckily I have plenty of time. Blaze swears he is going to ‘wing’ it during the ceremony but he will be nervous so that would definitely be a bad idea haha. Does anyone out there who wrote their own have any tips??? One day, when it gets closer to the actual wedding, I’m going to have to sit down and just write whatever I am thinking. I feel like wedding vows aren't something that you should plan and rewrite. Just let it come to you one day and write it all down!!
Sample wedding vows. Tons of suggestions in the comments! (Gabriel Harber Photography)
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