Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekend Update

So our weekend was eventful!! Friday night, I had a quiet night to myself (I should’ve worked on homework) but Blaze had to work super late that night. I just watched movies and laid around with the dogs! Blaze got home so late that I didn’t even hear him come in!
Saturday I went for mani/pedis with one of the other baseball coach’s wife! It was much needed! Then Blaze said they had an alumni game, which I tried to do some homework (it was a pretty day... I didn’t feel like it again). But that night the baseball team held their first pitch banquet. It was really fun! We went out afterwards and let’s just say, I didn’t feel good yesterday!
Sunday (yesterday) I kind of lounged around the house but didn’t feel too good. I did some homework and then went and watched the baseball game for a little while. The weather yesterday was amazing! It was in the 70’s… in FEBRUARY!! Then last night, all of the coach’s and their ladies went out to Baton Rouge to Texas de Brazil. It was so good (I’ve never been there before). Definitely more for people who like red meat and can eat a ton (which I can’t do either) but it was so so good! Very pretty place.

This week will be kind of crazy! I have 3 assignments due tonight, one I haven’t started… good job Amy. I will be working on that all night. Then Wednesday Blaze and I will be doing a little date night for Valentine’s Day because they leave Thursday morning for Houston!! Janelle and I (the head coach’s wife) will be going down Thursday night when I get off work!! I am excited to get a weekend away, back in a big city! You never know how much you miss the city until you are super far from one. The boys are opening up at the University of Houston, and the weather is supposed to be really nice! So I’m excited to go to a game or two. I’m really excited to see a great friend of mine that I haven’t seen in what feels like forever. It’s funny because we used to see each other practically every day when I was at Texas Tech!! Feels like forever ago now! L  But it will be good to catch up with her and go to dinner, and shopping, etc!

Well I hope yall all have had a great Monday. Ill leave you with some of my favorite gifs from the Real Housewives!! (I love those ladies haha)



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