Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tuesday Update

So I started my new job today.. it was a slow day as I was trying to get the hang of the office and how everything happens. Very overwhelming with lots of information given to me at once.. I definitely needed to sit down when I got home, which is where I am now writing this! The people are all very nice and helpful!! The office was FREEZING cold though.. definitely going to need a jacket tomorrow!! 

So I was thinking today about actually pursuing my PhD in math and while I had some down time at work, I decided to look into it at LSU. I saw that they had have a great program and decided to email the department about whether you needed a masters first or if you could just go straight for your PhD. Well they emailed me back very quickly excited that I was interested and gave me a ton of information. They said most people go into the PhD program with their bachelors and get their masters along the way.. they also showed me that being enrolled in the PhD program, that one can do school full time, while getting a salary AND being exempt from tuition. This all just sounds too good to be true or it's got to be super tough to get in. Well I messaged Blaze and told him about it and he, being the supportive guy that he is, said that it sounds awesome!! Sooooo... I started the application process tonight!! I mean, no matter what I will get to start grad school in January, Nicholls State already said I will be accepted for the masters program, but how awesome would that be if I could go to school full time AND get paid at the same time?? I would be super excited.. but we shall see and I will definitely need prays about it.. so please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as this is a huge decision!!!

On a different note, I have been looking up bridesmaid dresses over the weekend and have found a bunch of different styles that I love!


Which do you guys like the best??

Have a great night!


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