Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Update

 Friday night I went and watched the baseball game. They won so Blaze was in a great mood afterwards!! 

Saturday, they ending up playing a double header because it was supposed to rain on Sunday. So they started at 3 and didn’t finish until about 10:30 that night. The second game went into 15 innings!! CRAZY long day of baseball. They won the first but lost the second—so that meant Pepper’s Pizza for dinner!! YUM! It started raining about 10 mins after the game was over—it was awesome timing! 

Sunday we drove out to New Orleans so Blaze could find suits for the wedding!!! AHH! It was fun to see him get somewhat excited! Makes it seem like it is all getting a little closer!! Then we ventured out to Whole Foods (that is the closest one to us) and the New Orleans Whole Foods was super neat looking! It was in such a cute little area of New Orleans. Then came home and just relaxed (finally).

Not too much went on this weekend. Next weekend Blaze will be out of town so that means I will be finishing our taxes, finishing painting the hallway, and maybe some wedding crafts! 

Hope yall have a great Monday—I’m on my second cup of coffee…


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