Friday, February 6, 2015

It's Friday

HECK YES!! It is FINALLY Friday! I don't know about yall, but this week has felt forever long with benchmark testing Tuesday and Wednesday for our kiddos! And to think, we have benchmark testing again next Tuesday and Wednesday!


We have four more weeks until Spring Break! I know you fellow teachers out there are keeping track! My students and I have a countdown of how many school days are left up on the board in my classroom! Hurry up March!!


Blaze and I have our adoption meeting on Monday with a certain agency!! We are praying that everything goes smoothly with them and they are the one we are supposed to go through! This whole process so far has been so stressful and it will be nice once we know what direction we are going agency wise!!

T H R E E 

Our t-shirt fundraiser is in MAJOR need of help! It closes next week and we still need a ton more shirts before they will make them and ship them out! if we dont meet our goal, we will have to start over! So go take a look!!

F O U R 

Blaze went out of town yesterday to Houston for the weekend (it is baseball season yall). So I got to see my parents last night and we got dinner! It is always nice to go see them when I can (aka, when I have any free time lately).


Our home renovations are slooowly coming along! I really am hoping to post before and after pictures soon!! I am trying to finish the kitchen cabinets and want to hang stuff up on the walls this weekend as well! It is starting to look nice! Woohoo!

TGIF ya'll!! Have a great weekend, especially with the nice weather coming our way!

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