Monday, February 9, 2015

Weekend Update

Today we are going to our adoption orientation with what will hopefully be our agency! Blaze and I are super excited, nervous, anxious etc. Please please say a little prayer for us that everything goes smoothly and works out like we are wanting! The more and more people come up to us and ask about adoption, the more we get excited thinking about it! We are hoping that the 'thinking' will turn into it actually happening soon!! :) I will tell you though, everyone that we know of that has actually gone through the adoption process has told us how hard and trying it will be and how emotionally and physically draining it can be. They are definitely telling the truth. I overheard Blaze on the phone the other day with one of his buddies who had asked about how everything was going and Blaze was just telling him how no one can really prepare you for how stressful and emotional this whole process is, but Blaze made a great point by saying that in the end, it will all be worth it! I hope that we can look back someday at these types of posts and just remember that everything we are going through right now wont even matter then. That we will be willing to go through this time and time again just to have our beautiful babies! :) I can't imagine what being pregnant and expecting that way is, but I will say that this is just as an exciting and nerve wrecking experience as that I'm sure! 

I found two quotes on adoption that I think are very fitting! I have seen and experienced biological families that love each other and then those who don't. The latter breaks my heart but just because someone isn't 'blood' doesn't mean you cant love them just as much or more! 

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Here are a few pictures from my weekend as well. Blaze was out of town for work so that means I was with the animals by myself haha 

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