Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekend Update

The past couple weeks have been super busy! Last weekend, Blaze and I actually moved back to Texas!! He got a new job and is now a Scout for the Cleveland Indians! Yes, the MLB team! :) Super exciting for him and the fact that we can now tell people!! I also had my first bridal shower which was hosted by my awesome MOH and best friends!! She is in Germany right now (I'm super jealous).

I am also now working from home! My company is awesome and is letting me work from home instead of having to leave them! Thank goodness I work in the computer industry! :) We can work from anywhere!

I sent out our wedding invitations on Friday too!! Everyone texted me excited that they got them Saturday!! Talk about fast mail service! SOOO Im hoping that I get a ton of RSVP's back soon (since they are stamped and ready to be put back in the mail) haha

Not sure what all is going on this week but we have our couples shower NEXT weekend (the last weekend in June). That will be fun to see everyone and Blaze will be at this shower! Im excited!

We have less than 2 months..(46 days) until the wedding! 32 days until the bachelorette party in Austin!! Things are getting close and it's about to be crunch time!!

have a great week!


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