Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Thanksgiving on My Mind

With Thanksgiving being only 5 weeks away from this Thursday (or 36 days away!), I started thinking about how excited I am about all of my favorite dishes that will be coming my way!! These are some of my FAV things about Thanksgiving day..

1) gotta love sweet potatoes.. especially with marshmallows!!

2) the one time of the year that I will actually eat something pumpkin is on Thanksgiving... and only Thanksgiving! I'm not big on everything pumpkin like most girls around this time of the year, but on Thanksgiving I will eat me a slice.. or two!

3) deviled eggs are one of my favorite things to eat no matter what time of the year it is! I love that someone decided to make these a side dish on Thanksgiving!

4) bread.... do I need to explain this one?? Everyone loves bread... no matter what kind it is!

5) creamed corn casserole is a dish that I actually like to make myself. Super easy to make and tastes so good! My family used to have one regular casserole and one with tiny pieces of jalapeƱos in them! YUM!

6) green bean casserole is probably my favorite thing about all of the Thanksgiving side dishes out there. I like to make this side myself as well, very easy and makes your house smell great!

Thanksgiving Food

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