Thursday, October 15, 2015

What to take to the Hospital

So the big task of packing my hospital bag has been on my mind lately. I am thinking of doing it sooner rather than later just in case, because you really never know when babies decided to come into the world!! I did some research on what in the world would be a great idea to pack and here are my for-sure items that I will have!! 

1) My Columbia sweater. You know hospitals can get cold and it will be either December or January so it will definitely be cold outside! Plus, it is just comfy to wear around!

2) Pair of flip flops! Easy to take on and off!

3) Robe. This one explains itself!

4)Yoga pants/leggings! These are already the most comfortable thing to wear pregnant or not pregnant! These would be easy and comfy to wear around (which I will probably be wearing most of the time I have off of work as well!)

5) A good nursing bra! You know this is a smart idea with all of the feedings that will be taking place!

6) My pillow! I am picky about pillows as it is! (I normally take one whenever we travel and stay at hotels too!) Bringing my own will make me more comfortable!

7) Toiletry bag!! This is a MUST have! Toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, q-tips, travel shampoo/conditioner, some minimal makeup, etc.!!! 

8) A good towel from home! You never know what type of quality the hospital towels will be!

9) My camera! This is self explanatory! I will be taking tons of pictures for Blaze and I forever so why not start there! :) 

Maternity Bag

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