Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Five

Its FINALLY friday... to say that this week has been long would be an understatement. I am so stressed lately with everything that is going on--and add finals next week on top of it!! AHH!!  I am so ready to be back home with Blaze and my crazy animals..

One// I left for DFW last Saturday. I got alot of wedding stuff done... in between working all day, trying to see friends and a few other things. 

Two// I spray painted a TON of mason jars the other night... I think it got up in my nose because it smelt like spray paint forever!! 

Three// I had a facetime session with Blaze. While we were on the phone, I yelled Kimber's name and she kept looking at the phone like this! When I would stop saying her name, she would start whimpering!! She misses her mama!!

Four// My stepmom got ranger tickets from her work while I was in town (luckily)!! I got to take some great friends and had a great time even though they lost!! We were 8 rows behind home plate!!

Five// I FINALLY got to see my other half last night! I havent seen her since January!! We met up for dinner, stopped by the food truck park for a cupcake (and to see Blaze's mom) and then went to Chimy's for one marg!! Reminded us of our college days!! Miss this girl too much!!

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