Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Update

So this weekend feels like it flew by super fast!! 

Friday night, I went to watch Blaze and his team play. It was the longest baseball game ever... I ended up leaving early because the dang mosquitoes were SUPER bad!! They ended up winning though which was great!!

Saturday, I ended up leaving for DFW (instead of leaving Sunday like planned). I had to pack up really quick and leave. It only took me about 7 hours instead of 8 like normal!! I only stopped twice since I didnt have Blaze with me haha (he loves to stop alot on roadtrips)

Sunday (yesterday) I met up with my high school gals!! It was really nice to see them! It has been forever since Ive seen them but its nice because whenever we do get together, it's like nothing has changed!! We went and got lunch and sat out on the patio since the weather was amazing!! 

This week is going to be a crazy busy one!! I am SUPER excited to see all of my lovely ladies while Im here though!! Im so glad they only work today and tomorrow so I can see them the rest of the week! (in between working and doing wedding stuff)

I get to do cake tasting later this week and let me say how excited I am!! WOOHOO!  I am going to see the venue again I think on Wednesday to just walk around and talk decorations!! I also have to do a trial run with hair/makeup one day and also do a fitting with my wedding dress!!

Ill definitely take pictures for the wedding wednesday link up for next week!! 

Have a great week!!! :)

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