Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Babies, Babies, Babies

Follow my blog with Bloglovin So I am a high school teacher and have recently gone back to work since my maternity leave has ended (enter sad face). I've been hearing about girls in my school who are pregnant and of course all of the students are buzzing about it all the time around school. I overheard a conversation just yesterday in one of my classes about pregnancy and of course they ask my opinion since I was just pregnant not too long ago. I told them being 26 years old myself, having a baby is TOUGH work. I tried to explain to them how exhausting newborns are and how much time, money, patience, etc that comes with having a newborn. YES babies are cute, NO they are not just cute and sweet 100% of the time (like a lot of kiddos think). Babies are definitely a stage in life that you need to be prepared for (as much as one could be prepared haha). One of my boy students then told me about how he had to help raise his older brother's baby that he at 18 years old. He told the others that they would have to get 2 or 3 jobs that hopefully paid $10 an hour to afford a baby. (I kind of laughed on the inside because you would need to make a lot more than $10 an hour working at a couple of part time jobs that a high school student could actually get).

It makes me sad to see such young kiddos putting themselves in such a sticky situation. To me, I can't 'be happy' for them as they are in no place in their current lives to actually raise a baby how it should be raised. It hurts my heart to see young girls that get pregnant because they are not ruining their life like a lot of people would say, but I do believe they are not making the smartest decision that could be made. Their parents or grandparents will end up doing a lot of the work and paying for a lot of the necessities of what a baby needs (for a lot of girls) and that shouldn't be their parents or grandparents job. I wish parents would teach their babies to be smarter about making certain decisions in life and that there are actual consequences (and some last a lifetime).

I just pray for the best for all of them as they bring babies into this crazy world that people already struggle in. Pray for their little sweet babies that will need a lot of love and attention and that hopefully they get that from their parents who are kids themselves!

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