Wednesday, April 23, 2014



Ive been thinking alot about the rehearsal dinner lately!! Im getting excited to think that we have about 3 months to go. I really need to find outfits for all of these occasions coming up, especially for the rehearsal dinner! We are having ours at a restaurant in Burleson! It will be a casual/dressy attire, so the girls can wear cute dresses and the guys can wear whatever. Blaze is wearing starched jeans and a button down with his new fancy boots! I think it would be fun to wear a pretty white dress of some sort--white dresses are NOT easy to find that are cute though. Here are some of my favorites I have found!

Blaze's mom is hosting the rehearsal dinner but I came across some of these ideas on Pinterest (of course). Super cute/fun!!

1) A cute way to have the menu set out so everyone can see it!!

2) These are spiked lemonades in mason jars!! Can we say YUM??

3) Corn Hole (DIY) with the bride and groom's initials!! So cute!

4) Have everyone at rehearsal dinner sign a bottle of wine or champagne and open it on your first anniversary

5) Have everyone write down a memory of the bride or groom and then you read them on your honeymoon!!

Love Always Nancy J


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