Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Final Countdown!

So we are on the final countdown of the school year until summer time! 37 school days for us... they definitely can't go by fast enough! 

It is hard work being a mommy and working full time. Often times I find myself feeling guilty for working and not being able to stay home full time with my little one. I am a teacher and I do the job for the time off for sure more than liking what I do. (I did not go to school to be a teacher lol). It is nice to have all of the time off that we do so that I can be with my little one more than working a regular 9-5 all year job. I don't know how those mommies do what they do (working full time all year with only two weeks vacation and major holidays off). I would be even more sad than I already am being away from him. I totally like having some time to myself outside of the house and I definitely think every mom, working or not, should make sure to have alone time. I just don't like being away all day Monday-Friday.. hurts my little mom heart! Thinking about someone else being with him all day throughout the year instead of me makes me so sad... Irrational thoughts definitely float through my mind throughout the day... is he going to love her more than me? is she going to make him smile more than I can? Will she be the one who gets to experience baby firsts with him because I am at work? I know right now, we are not in a place where I can be a stay at home mom, but we are working toward that goal sooner than later! (THANKFULLY). I want to be the one who gets to experience everything with my babies not someone else. I have many ideas of things to do to help me stay home super soon! Anyone else feel this way more often than you would hope?


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