Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Currently {April}

Currently {April}

Making:vacation plans! I am trying to figure out where in the world we are going to go over Christmas break this year for our vacation!! I have narrowed it down to a few places but of course, I have to try and get the hubs opinion (which isn't the easiest haha)

Wishlisting: That I could just get through these next 7 weeks of school so it can be summer and I can be with my little one again all day!! And putting together ideas of what I could do to stay home sooner than we talked about! haha

Cleaning: Lake's closet out! I boxed up all of his cute little newborn clothes the other day and it was so sad! He used to be so little just a few short months ago! Now at 3 months, he fits into 6 month clothes :(

Posting: Grades for my students! haha the 5th six weeks is over next week so I am trying to get all caught up from being on maternity leave!

Tasting: My lovely prepped meals for lunch that my husband made for me this week! Good ol Chicken & Rice for lunch! I also recently had those Milano Cookies that were lemon & chocolate flavored... SO GOOD!

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