Sunday, April 3, 2016

Maternity Leave is Over

Unfortunately my maternity leave is over tomorrow!! I can't believe how fast these past 3 months have gone by! Little Lake man has grown so much in 13 weeks it is crazy!! I wish we actually got A) paid maternity leave, and B) Longer maternity leave like other countries. It still blows my mind that in today's time, in such a developed country, we still don't have ANY type of maternity leave. We are THE only developed country in the world to NOT offer any type of paid maternity leave. I feel bad for the women out there who can't afford any maternity leave or even those who only get 4 or 6 weeks. I couldn't imagine only being with Lake for that short of a time. First off I would be totally exhausted at work and I feel like I would be a crappy employee to have around lol. Second, I would be really grumpy due to the lack of sleep you get. 

I have definitely enjoyed every minute of being with Lake though. I do get envious of all of my friends with little ones who get to become stay at home moms when they have a baby! What I would do to be able to stay home full time with him right now! THANKFULLY we only have 8.5 weeks I believe until summer break where I will get almost 3 more months to be with him! :) 

I definitely got as many snuggles in as possible over the weekend and he is currently asleep on me right now! This next week, Blaze gets to have daddy duty all week with Lake!! So Lake will be going to many baseball games this week with him! hah Should be a fun experience for them two!

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