Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Stages We All Go Through as a Bride

When your friends say yes to being a bridesmaid
me in the club

The moment you find THE dress

Bridesmaid Dress shopping and you finally find the right one!! 

After finding the bridesmaid dresses, the girls are freaking out about fitting into them in a few months!

At the gym, what you and your bridesmaids are really thinking about.. 
me 24/7

Who needs working out?

Text messages you get from your girls 

Your first wedding meltdown

Pre-Bachelorette Party
The Face is back Wed 3/5 at 10/9c!

The start of the bachelorette party

How you feel going out with your gals
walk walk fashion baby

When your MOH gives a classy toast in front of friends and family
Cheers (Leonardo DiCaprio)

When your wedding day is finally here
real housewives of beverly hills gif

Love Always Nancy J

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