Friday, September 20, 2013

Happy Friday

No big plans this weekend except hanging out the house watching college football. Blaze was supposed to be in Texas this weekend recruiting but since it is apparently pouring rain there, it got cancelled and he will luckily be home tonight!! yay for that (for me at least :) ) 

So I updated my phone, along with the rest of the world, to ios7 and i love it! It is so different and kind of confusing but i like the layout and new features! Kind of neat!! Itunes radio is also pretty cool, I like it better than pandora right now! Gotta love Apple!! 

I dont think I mentioned that we got a new member of the family last weekend, she doesnt have a name yet, we keep just calling her 'cat' but she is CRAZY! Blaze thinks she is nuts, which is a pretty accurate statement to say the least, but she is super cute so that makes up for it right?? She follows me everywhere and then randomly disappears and I cant figure out where she goes haha

Have a great weekend!

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