Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wedding Planning Wednesday

So as you all know, I am getting to marry the love of my life next year, August 2, 2014. I have been trying to hold off on planning because it is so far out and because of the move I have had a million other things to do... BUT I decided to order a bunch of free wedding invitations!! I noticed online the other day that you can get a ton of samples from different websites without paying a penny!! So guess what I did! Yep, ordered as many free samples as possible! Well they have all started coming in the mail the past couple days so I figured I would look at them to try and get an idea of what I want my invitations to look like!!

These are just a few of the different samples I could fit into the picture!! I tried to show Blaze some of them to get his opinion last night, and of course he didn't care haha... typical guy! 

On a better note, one of my BEST friends has booked her flight to come see me in November!! I am so excited... we can really start some wedding planning!! 

Thanks for listening!


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