Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wednesday Update

Sooo.. my man left me for the remainder of the week!! Super sad about that. He had to go on the longest recruiting trip of the year.. and I am left at the house with the dogs and cat for the week! Hopefully I wont go too stir crazy in this house alone and I can be productive. Hopefully I can get ahold of the other coaches wives this weekend and get together with them if they arent busy!! Us gals have to stick together!!

Thinking about what to cook this week is difficult though because it is never easy to cook for one person, especially a person who doesn't like left overs!! I guess I will have to figure it out and maybe go get me a couple of new bottles of wine to try out!! Rent some girly or scary movies since I cant get Blaze to watch them with me... EVER! hahah. I am really going to miss him this week!! I get so spoiled seeing him almost everyday!!

I've been looking at different bridesmaid dress ideas and have come up with a couple that I really really like!! Since it is an August wedding, the color scheme has changed from what I wanted to do (since those work in the winter time) Here are a couple of pictures of the ideas I am really leaning towards..

I dont know about yall.. but i love this idea of having different pastel colors!! I cant decide if I want long or short. Since it is an August wedding, short would be nicer for the girls but I have ALWAYS loved long dresses!! Decisions Decisions..

Also today I got my nerium in!! I am a new seller of this so I am hoping to get this business going strong!! Hopefully I can get 3 people to start selling underneath me within the next month!! I am excited about it so if yall have any questions PLEASE feel free to message me!!

Have a great rest of the week!! 


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