Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday

So this week has been a long one.. I definitely have been thinking God is testing me sometimes to see how strong I am. Luckily enough I have my wonderful fiance here to help me get through this week! (And a great bottle of wine). I dont know about yall but i LOVE me some wine.. i just wanted to share some of my favorites

  • 337 cabernet sauvignon is one of my favorites!! It goes great with a good chicken meal!!
  • Sweet Bitch Pinot Grigio is my go to wine when I am having a rough day.. it definitely hits the spot 
  • 14 Hands (ALL wines) they have the best wines, the Red Blend is VERY good. To me, it is a good wine for a Friday or Saturday night when you are at home trying to relax with the hubs!
  • The last one, The Good Wine Co is a new wine that I have recently tried. It is also a red wine (I think they have white though) I think it goes well with a fish dinner dish! Very good and sweet!
What kinds of wines do you guys like the best??

Hope you all have a great HUMP DAY!
Amy K

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