Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weekend Update

So I lucked out this weekend because instead of being home alone all weekend, Blaze luckily (for me) was home!! All of his recruiting trips got cancelled due to the rain!! Friday night we had a mini date night and went to dinner and got a redbox! 

I thought he was going to be gone Saturday but his trip got cancelled, so instead we went and worked out together and came home and lounged around for awhile. I ended up meeting up with the other coaches wives and went to the game while he went to the game with the coaches! It was fun because about 15 min into the game it started raining. Us ladies chickened out and went back to one of their houses, drank some wine, and played a crazy game of catch phrase... it got intense! After the game was over, the girls decided to give me a mini bachelorette party with Blaze and the guys in attendance! It was actually really fun. We went to a bar that ended up being kind of dead and then made our way to a karaoke bar! SUPER fun!! 

Today we tried out a new church that was definitely not the church for us, but hey, at least we are trying new places trying to find our home!! We had a lunch date after church and have been running around ever since. Blaze had to go to 'team yoga' with his baseball boys, that would be fun to watch haha. but I am just snoozing on the couch because it is rainy outside and Im waiting for the series finale of Dexter to come on along with the Emmys... I am rooting for Breaking Bad!! Woohoo.. 

Hope yall all had a great weekend.. I know I did!! 



1) Coaches wives do it best.. at the karaoke bar!! so so fun!
2) Chloe snoozing away Sunday evening.

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