Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Settling in

So two Fridays ago, Blaze and I packed up our whole lives and moved to southern Louisiana, Thibodaux, for his new job! Things have been crazy ever since we moved.. go go go with little time to just relax. Well luckily Labor Day weekend was this past weekend! We had a football day all day Saturday. The other baseball coaches came over and we watched college football and ate... all day! SO fun! My parents came in town all the way from Midlothian (8 hour drive). Sunday we went to do a swamp tour at Zam's Swamp Tour in Kraemer, LA. It was the best southern fried food we have eaten so far!

 We still arent used to this whole Louisiana accent yet but it is fun to listen to! We just hope that when we come back to Texas for holidays, that we don't sound like that ;)

I saw the cutest sign in the shop after the swamp tour.. 


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