Friday, January 3, 2014

To the New Year

So I have been slacking on my blog posts the past couple weeks, I know!! It was nice to take a little break though, but I guess I will fill you in on what has been going on in my life.

We came back to Texas the weekend before Christmas (which feels like forever ago) and had 5 different Christmas' to go to between our families! It was so nice to see everyone and just relax. Of course there was plenty of wedding talk going on between us girls in both the Schleif and Lambert families! Blaze and I got to go out to Sweetwater for a few days to visit his grandparents and we had the best time!! Even though we didn't see anything while freezing our butts off in the blinds, we had such a good time away from everything and the city and just enjoyed the country and peace & quiet!! Let's just say, we definitely didn't want to come back to DFW! He is at a baseball coaches convention all weekend so I know he is excited to see all of his buddies that he hasn't seen in awhile!! 

Sadly, we have to leave this Sunday to get back to Louisiana! His baseball season starts so so soon, we have less than 7 months until the wedding, & I start grad school this month. So our lives will be busy busy!! We will definitely have to make sure we keep our weekly date nights going!! I have a few weddings that I have to come back for and my own wedding showers and BACHELORETTE party in July!! I am so excited for all that is going to happen this year! I feel some big changed coming in Blaze and my life!! I am excited to share it all with you guys!!

So I've decided for 2014, I am going to take one picture a day for the entire year!! I will be making a separate page for that so keep your eyes out for it!! :) I think it will be neat to look back next year and see all of those pictures (because I am usually bad about taking pictures).

Hope yall all had a great Christmas and New Years!!

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