Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend Update

It seems as though the weekends are never long enough!! I wish we could have 3 day weekends instead of two!! I hate mondays, or even fridays off would be great!! :)

This weekend was pretty eventful though. Friday night we went on our weekly date night to Pepper's Pizza.. it is so so good!! Afterwards, we went and got a few Redbox movies :) Blaze fell asleep half way through one, so it was an early night for us!!

Saturday we had to go out to New Orleans to get his Christmas present from Sams Club, a grill. He has been dying for a grill ever since we moved down here back in August!! So that was super exciting for him! Then we just ran other errands and ended up back home, watching the other movies we rented... until he decided he wanted to put this monster grill together, as it was getting dark. You know ladies, your hubs always wants your help when putting things together but then once it starts to drag on and you are just trying to help, they dont seem so excited to have asked for your help from the beginning!! (that's how it goes with us haha) He tends to get a little frustrated pretty quickly!! I always tell him I dont want to help bc he ends up getting frustrated but I always get scammed into helping anyways haha Let's just say that it took almost 5 hours to put that dang thing together!! 

Well yesterday, Sunday, we went to church and got some groceries because he was super excited to cook out on his new grill! Since we do live in southern louisiana now, mardi gras season has officially begun down here. There are king cakes everywhere, along with everything else mardi gras you can think of! Well, we decided to buy one to try... omg it was so so good!! Dangerous! If you haven't tried one, I would recommend it! 

Well I hope ya'll all had a great weekend! It is rainy here.... all day... what's new? 


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