Thursday, January 9, 2014

More Wedding Stuff

Is it Friday yet?? No I didn't think so... This week has gone pretty fast though thankfully!! This weekend will be full of cleaning and unpacking from our two week trip home for Christmas. All of my stuff is still in suitcases and bags!! 

Well on a better note, I was thinking about wedding cake stands/tables and how to make it look prettier than just putting a cake on a table. Well once again, I went to pinterest and found some super cute, rustic pictures!! I love the triangle banners!! The crate boxes are super pretty to me.. not where can I find some is the question?? What to yall think? We are doing cupcakes instead of an actual cake. There will be a single tier cake though for us to cut into and everything! Blaze will have a regular grooms cake too--should be pretty neat looking from what he tells me!!

(click to enlarge)

Hope yall have a great Thursday!!


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