Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thirsty Thursday

So the past couple weeks have been kind of busy (note my absence) and I haven't been on my blogging game! All of this wedding planning from 8 hours away is difficult!! This past weekend Blaze was gone so I handmade every save-the-date that we are sending out (There are a ton of them). But I'm excited because they are super cute even without pictures since we haven't taken our engagement pictures yet!!  We only have a few things left to finalize for the wedding though so that is exciting-Videography (which I think we got a guy) and then Decor/Lighting/Drapery (which I am talking to a lady about it so that's a positive). 

In other news, I officially started grad school yesterday even though I can't login to my email, class or anything haha. So hopefully it will not take me too too long to finish! I am shooting for a 1.5 years but no longer than 2 years!! Woohoo!! 

Lastly, so we thought Cali (our Lab) was pregnant but then lately we were thinking, 'well, she hasn't gained any weight really so maybe she isn't pregnant??' I think we spoke too soon because yesterday when I got home from work, I was trying to hurry to go meet Blaze at the gym but I noticed that she was acting a little odd. Well when we got home from working out, she was pacing around the house wining. We were both wondering what she was doing so Blaze googled it annnnndd we found out that dogs act like that during the first stage of birth! GREAT!! She isn't very big though so we are praying that she only has a few puppies... but we are thinking that when we come home tonight after work we will be coming home to puppies in the back bathroom. Lord help us!! I am way too young to be a grandmother!! AHH! haha

Well thankfully it is Thursday so tomorrow is FRIDAY!! Have a great day!!



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