Friday, January 17, 2014

It's Friday!!

one// sorry i have been slacking on writing posts lately! This week has actually been kind of busy at work & home!! I will be better next week I promise! (my macbook charger is dead too)

two// Blaze will be out of town this weekend with the baseball team & other coaches for a team building camping trip! So I will be doing tons of work on the save the dates since I have to mail them out by Aug 2!! eekk!

three// LOTS of wedding updates have happened... we have everything booked now EXCEPT the videographer but I believe we are on the verge of booking this one guy!! I'm excited!

four// Baseball season starts up soon! And I am excited because their opening weekend, they play UH (in Houston) and Blaze kept telling me to go but I didnt have anywhere to stay UNTIL my dear long lost friend Kelli said I can come stay with her!! I'm excited because A. I haven't seen her in forever and B. it's been forever since I have been out and about in houston!! Come on February!!

five// My AWESOME maid of honor has been planning things like crazy for the bachelorette party and bridal shower! I am super excited about the bachelorette plans!! Woohoo.. come on July!! 

I hope yall all have a fun, safe weekend!!


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