Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Five

One// It’s finally Friday!! I feel like this week has been super long with going into work Monday and then working from home Tuesday and Wednesday AND then going back to the office Thursday and today!

Two// Blaze will be working all weekend! They are having some kind of baseball camp all day tomorrow so I will be finalizing the save the dates and HOPEFULLY getting them in the mail by Monday!! (Crossing my fingers that my AWESOME & HANDSOME fiancé will get ALL of his addresses… I know he reads my blog posts so he will see this.. LOVE YOU BLAZE) J

Three// So the huge ice store this week was supposed to hit us pretty hard, which ended up missing us and went above and below us. It was really really cold here but it was so funny because everything was closed. When I say everything, I mean EVERY Store, EVERY restaurant, business etc. It was so funny because we are from Texas where it ices usually during this time of the year, but people still drive and go to school. There was absolutely no ice and everything was shut down and we even had a 6pm parish-wide curfew.

Four// It is superbowl weekend and I really am not interested in watching the game. Everyone keeps talking about it but I love college football so much more than professional. I do want to have a superbowl party though! That would be fun!

Five// we have SIX months from Sunday until our wedding!! Woohoo. Lots to do between now and then but I am getting excited that it is getting closer to the fun activities that come with getting married!!

Have a great weekend!!
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