Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Two for Tuesday

I can finally sit down and relax tonight! We just got back from the gym.. yes we work out together! If it wasn't for Blaze, I wouldn't ever lift weights.. but I have become friends with weights in the past few months thanks to him.. I even started taking protein shakes. I know.. shocker right?

Anywho.. my mom, stepmom and I have been talking wedding planning lately (we are finally getting closer to planning mode). I have been going back and forth of what theme I want to go with for the wedding.. dressy or more casual... classy or rustic.. ahh questions. Blaze thought about wearing starched jeans and cowboy boots with a blazer so I was thinking.. Great I could have my girls wear a cute lace dress and that would be super cute. Well now I think he is wanting to go with grey suits and suspenders! (dork) So I think I can get my dresses narrowed down from one of the last posts where I had all kinds of dresses to choose from. So I will try and narrow that down and post some pictures of my favorites later! I also have been trying to find the right centerpieces..who would've known this much effort goes into planning a wedding.. so many details! I LOVE the rustic look for centerpieces but at the same time I love the candles and more romantic look. I have some pictures of my favorite examples that I have seen lately online.

I love the top left picture.. those baskets and flowers are so pretty! I also like the wine looking bottle with the candle in it! I have saved all the wine bottles that I have drank dry for that same purpose!! So if anyone has empty wine bottles.. you should definitely let me know and I can take the off your hands!

Well time to go watch our nightly tv shows! 

Have a great hump day tomorrow! WOOHOO! (my fav day of the week)

Lovely Lambert

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