Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy Friday

It's that time again.. FRIDAY! 

ONE// Today is my little brothers birthday and he turns 14 today!! I still cant believe it.. I always look at him and remember that cute little, chubby, cute 4 year old! Where has time gone?? He amazes me everyday of the young man he is turning into! He made straight A's his first six week of 8th grade in almost all honors classes!! I definitely hope he keeps on this path that he is on! The other day he told me he took a purity pledge to wait until he is married to have sex.. and he even wanted the purity ring! Then he tells me about how he wants to go on a mission trip to Haiti! How awesome is that?? Most 14 year old boys have their minds elsewhere while he is focused on school, football and church! I love it!

TWO// Blaze is being sneaky lately telling me he is going to get me a gift for getting a job! (which I start this next Tuesday) But he won't tell me what it is.. all I know is that it is from Bed Bath & Beyond.. hmmm sneaky boy is up to no good! :) haha

THREE// I have really come to miss dishwashers.. the rent house we are in for the next 10 months has NO dishwasher. Let me tell you, washing every dish by hand gets so old so quick! I can't wait until we can buy our own house next summer so I can make sure there is a dang dishwasher!! So all of you ladies who have dishwashers (which is probably all of  you).. BE THANKFUL! haha

FOUR// I've been trying to grow my hair out for our wedding next August. it's been a struggle but I think it is finally growing! I've been taking biotin everyday and trying to not blow-dry and straighten my hair. Down here it is easy to not do your hair because of the humidity.. but I think biotin actually works! A friend told me she takes biotin and prenatal vitamins, which a lot of my sorority sisters said they took those back in college to make their hair grow too but I was always skeptical to take those.. well I caved because I am that desperate and I think it is actually working!! My hair has been growing quicker.. so hopefully by August it will be super long again! 

FIVE// I secretly can't wait to do the wedding cake tasting even though I've tried them already since Blaze's sister is doing them. I LOVE cupcakes and that's what we are doing for my wedding cake.. yay! 

Hope yall all have a GREAT weekend! 


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