Friday, October 18, 2013

Weekend Update

Well I was going to write a post on Friday but when I got home from work, I found out our internet isn't working and won't be fixed until Thursday!!! So apologies on that!!

So last week was my first week of work! It went well, everyone is so nice, and getting to wear jeans and be comfortable isn't a bad perk either!! Hopefully next week it picks up though because it was kinda slow since I'm still getting used to things! 

Friday night we went on a little date night which was nice! Blaze has been super busy this past week so we haven't seen each other as much as usual.. Life of a coach I guess they say! 

Saturday it decided to rain (what's new) so his day of practice got cancelled and we got to spend all day together again! Blaze has a slight obsession with froyo so we went and got some for lunch!! His head coach had us over to watch some of the Nicholls State game and then we went to Cabellas yesterday evening! 

Blaze told me the other day that he was going to get me a hunting bow for Christmas because I've been talking about it for months!! So we looked at those last night. Makes me super excited to get into that for our next journey in life!! 

Today I got woken up from roofer next door hammering and blaring music at 9AM!!! I was not a happy camper!! My one day to try and sleep in.. But on a better note, I went to let the dogs out and it feels absolutely amazing outside!! Blaze's baseball team is playing a game between themselves today so I'm planning on going to watch that and then clean and go grocery shopping!! 

Hope all of y'all had a great weekend!! 

Lovely Lambert

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