Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Happy Hump Day!

So I've been slacking with writing new posts this past week!! My weekend was more exciting than I was expecting it to be. Blaze was still out of town but it was homecoming here at Nicholls State, so I went to a late tailgate with some girls I have met down here and then to the game. Afterwards we all went over to one of the baseball coach's house and hung out and ended up playing an intense game of catch phrase.. you know you're getting old when you play catch phrase on a Saturday night and have fun with it! haha Blaze got home LATE sunday night and brought me a surprise home.. NEW SHOES! :) I definitely have the best fiance! 

So Monday night, I finally got a job offer from MarineCFO, which is a computer tech help company for marine vessels here in the area.. I am excited that finally after all these weeks of being here, I finally have a job! I start next Monday!! I am a Junior Tech Support! Woohoo!


Also on a side note about the wedding, Blaze wants a yeti cooler cake for his grooms cake! So I decided to look up ideas that people have already done. They are super neat looking cakes and look real!! Here are some that I have found online!


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