Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Ramblings!

So over the weekend, I was lucky enough to have my man home!! I was super excited about that! We got to spend good, quality time together, which is rare.. so I was super excited!! 

friday// After he got off work, we went up to Hooters and met two of his coach buddies. It was their 30th anniversary so we got free cake (I was excited). We usually go to Hooters if he is home to watch whatever sports game happens to be on that night! I like it because at our Hooters, it's ladies night so I always get two for one drinks!! Woohoo!

saturday// had an early morning because Blaze had to go up to work for practice and I cleaned around the house (which I am getting pretty good at by the way). After practice, we just got to hang out all day and do nothing together which was fun! We are trying to catch up on Breaking Bad because we are so far behind so we watched probably 5 episodes until he decided to fall asleep! We rented two movies, World War Z and The Great Gatsby! They were both great movies.. I will say, my anxiety was crazy while watching World War Z.. crazy movie!! 

sunday// We have been trying out new churches since we moved to Louisiana, so we went to a new church Sunday. We liked it for the most part, the pastor definitely had a good message and I think we might try it again!! Afterwards, we went to lunch, ran errands and came home to lounge around until he had to go to practice at 4! Yes..we do act like an old married couple already.. but hey.. we dont usually get that much down time together!! I enjoyed it!

I start my job next Tuesday.. I'm a little nervous because it's new but I am excited! I hope I get there and get the hang of everything quickly!! I can say I am most excited about getting to wear jeans everyday!! How many people can say they get to wear jeans mon-fri to work?? Yea I didnt think most of yall would say you do! :) 

My little brother's birthday is Friday and he is going to be the big 14!! AHH I cant believe  how old he is getting! I still swear he is my cute, little 5 year old brother!! Sad I am going to miss his birthday party this weekend!! 

Well I hope yall all had a great weekend and have a great week this week!!


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