Wednesday, December 4, 2013

It's Almost Christmas Time

Since it is the first week of December, everyone is talking about Christmas. At work, we are taking our Christmas card picture tomorrow, at home we have been talking about presents, all the houses are decorated, Christmas music is on the radio etc. I love this time of year because most people seem the happiest!! The only thing that I dislike is the traffic... everywhere!! It takes me longer to get home lately.

I found out today that I get to work out of the Dallas office for two weeks over Christmas break. I am kind of excited for that, change in scenery.. And that means Blaze and I will be home for two weeks with friends and family! Boy do we have a busy two weeks though. Christmas eve and Christmas day are busy with family stuff.. I get to have a day with most of my bridesmaids on that Friday to watch them try on dresses, then we are going out to Sweetwater to visit his family for the weekend and to hunt (which I'm excited about), Car shopping on New Years Eve... and work some in all of that mix!! 

With everyone talking about gifts... I found some of the cutest gifts on Etsy!! Take a look at that website if you don't usually--Cheap and SUPER cute gift ideas on there!

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